Cold Episode 41


“I killed them all,” he said to Oscar and he nodded.
He shook his head and murmured, “Something like that.”
“August, what do you mean something like that? You killed that policeman right?”
“Yea, He was first.”
“So I assume it was the girl you left, right?”
He nodded and let out a breath. Oscar searched him with his eyes.
“You love her?” he asked and he nodded.
“Loved her, not anymore,” he replied and it was a cold reply.
“Why?” he pressed further.
“Love is dead for me. Died with Mary. I love nothing anymore.”
Oscar watched him and the distance stare in his eyes. He thought the boy was far gone. He understood perfectly well. He was handling guns and shooting them at an age he was supposed to be cuddling to his mother.
August shot him a stare.
“Killing all these people, is that what’s going to make me a man? Is that how Joseph became a man?” he asked. Oscar nodded.
“Then I don’t want to be a man,” he murmured. Oscar stared at him and smiled. He put his arm across and dropped it on his shoulder.

“August, I don’t know how they do it out there or anywhere else but here in Mathews, that’s how it goes down, it’s either you or them and if you die at a young age, you won’t grow to be a man. If you can’t protect the people you love, boy, you ain’t no man and that’s what made Joe a man, he protected you all the much he could.”
August watched him and felt his icey heart melt. His eyes moistened and he felt a tear drop.
“Before I left, I sat with Janet and I told her I loved her. I meant it then. Today, I stood over her and nearly pulled the trigger,” he stopped, sniffed and continued. “Oscar, I don’t want to be that kind of man. I want to protect the people I love. I watched them all die and nearly killed one myself. Janet thought I was a demon and I think she thought right.”
“Boy, there are things life throw at you sometimes and you are left with no choice. You had a duty to your loved ones that were murdered and that’s what you carried out, don’t be a sissy now,” he said and August stood up. He walked round the worn out cross on a grave, his back against Oscar.

“I had a choice when I held that gun against Janet and I chose not to shoot and I didn’t. Do you think Jamie had that chance? Jaycee had a gun and it was either Jamie or him,” he turned and stared at him.

“August, he killed Joseph and you killed him. Joseph was only keeping you all safe. You, Jaycee and Maria and Jamie killed him. You killed Jamie for that and that’s the end of it. Fucking let it go. You had a duty and you carried it out. Here in St Mathews, your home, it’s blood first and if someone fucked with your blood, you fuck him to hell and that’s it, you heard me? That’s it!” he scolded. August wiped his eyes and nodded. He heard all he needed. Jaime killed his brother and he killed him for it. That was all that mattered. Janet had nothing in it and he was glad he changed his mind about shooting her.

“You said someone wanted to see me?” he asked and Oscar smiled.
“Yes, you will smile again soon.”
August scoffed.

“Who might that be? My mother or Maria or Mary?” Oscar shook his head with the smile still on his face.
“Jaycee,” he replied like it was a magical name. August stopped and stared at him, his eyes blazing red.
“Don’t fuck with me,” he said and Oscar shook his head.
“I am not fucking with you bro. Jaycee will be here soon.”
He walked the room apprehensively and stood at a spot, sweating and shaking.
“Where the fuck is he now?” he asked.
“Said we should wait here, be patient bro.”
August fixed his gaze on Oscar. He wasn’t looking at him. He looked past him. His eye moistened and with tears and just when they were going to fall, a smile broke out of his face.


Williams looked round the classy suite located at the pent house of The Meridian Hotels. It was tasty and cozy but he could care less. His mind was beginning to grab a bit of peace as he was so close to perfecting his scheme. He poured one more glass of the tequila and took it to the bed. He sat on it and sipped from the glass. He heard the door open and someone walking towards him. He was too weary to look and rather took another sip from the glass.

“You sold us out for this?”
Jaycee was all grown but Williams could never forget the sound of his voice. He let out a smile and turned on the bed to face him.
“You look better without the beards bro,” he said and widened the smile and then switched to that emotionless look they have always had a problem deciphering.
“Don’t fuck with me man, you did all these to us, your family because of money?” he asked again, tightening his grip on the trigger as he shoved the gun in his direction. Williams shook his heard a trifle undaunted by the gun being pointed him.
“I don’t care about money.”
“Than what was it? Power? You hated us? What the fuck made you sell out your bloody family because I can’t seem to understand it.”
“I never hated you guys, I loved you all more than I can ever begin to explain now. All those years, I had my eyes on you, just trying to look out for you. I’m sorry Joseph and Maria had to die, pops and moms too but certain things takes place in our lives, things we cannot explain, things we have no control over and things you may not have seen yet. Like the force of love,” he turned on the bed to face him squarely, Jaycee followed his movement with his gun. “Like Nancy for example, she lost her family for you, everyone she’s ever loved and she’s still stuck to you. Doesn’t that beat you?” he asked.

“No, she’s only loyal to the ones she loves. Something you have no bloody clue of. While you are shooting up the family that loved you, she is there, protecting them and giving all she has for it.”

“And why would she still hang around you when her folks were murdered in her very face because of you? Just why?” he asked and moved his eyes past him, laying it on the door as it creaked open. August walked in slowly followed by Oscar, each clutching to his own gun.

“Jaycee?” August called out slowly. He knew Williams, he could never forget his face and he also knew Jaycee with the hair on his head. Things he would never forget. Oscar let his gun go up and pointed it at Williams while Jaycee turned to behold his little brother once again. His emotions got to him and he let his gun drop to his side. He ran straight to August and scooped him into his arms, almost choking him.

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“I thought you died bro. I swear I thought you died,” August sobbed and fell back in his arms. He was only a few inches shorter than he was.
“I didn’t die, I’m here now and we are going to make them all pay, starting with this sly bastard sitting here,” he replied and they turned to face Williams again. He smiled up at August and thought it needless to say how glad he was on seeing him. Even though it would be true, he doubted if they will ever believe him.

“You are grown August, that’s great,” he said and the smile crept out of his face again.
“What did he have with it all?” August asked Jaycee, ignoring his comment.
“Everything I think. Teamed up with the people that kept coming after us until Joseph and Maria died.”
“Then I will shoot him myself,” August said and raised his gun. Williams shuddered from the look in his eyes, through them, he saw that he was going to shoot, brotherhood aside.

“Drop them,” Stanley called from behind them, an assault rifle in his hand. They turned to him and he waved them a smile.
“A family reunion then but I’m sorry I have to cut you guys short.”
“Well, we are here for both your heads,” Jaycee said and bit his lower lip.
“Maybe some other time but not today bro. Drop the fucking guns.”
Williams looked at him and smiled.

“Is he around?” he asked and Stanley nodded.
“We will meet him tomorrow. We need to leave here now.”
He stood from the bed and walked past the three boys, straight for the door.
“Some other time folks, and I’m glad to see you again August, really,” Williams said and grabbed the door knob.
“And I’d be glad to see your brains on the floor soon,” he replied. Williams smiled.

“I’m sorry bro but I hope you do realize I have to kill them,” Stanley announced. Only Oscar flinched, the other two just burned with rage.
“I won’t let you kill my brothers,” Williams said and walked back towards them. Stanley frowned, he wasn’t ready for that confrontation but he would kill them all if it ever came to that, Williams inclusive.
“I will do it myself,” Williams completed with a smile. Stanley heaved a sigh.
“Then get it done, we need to move out,” he said and walked out of the door. Williams pulled his gun from his waist and raised at Oscar first.

“I wish we had met again over a glass of beer as brothers,” he smiled and fired six times, everywhere went silent after the sound of the gun, he watched them for a while and shook his head. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.
“I have no one left now, better not let your boss fuck me up,” he murmured to Stanley as they walked into the elevator.
“Don’t worry, very soon, you will have the whole of St Mathews.”

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