Cold Episode 42


The elevator binged and they waited for a split second before its doors parted. A very fine girl stood before them, waiting to step into the elevator. Stanley beamed her a smile which she ignored and brushed past them into the elevator.
“Bitches,” he muttered under his breath. “A whole lot of money will get you a flock of them, Money that we will be having very soon.”
Stanley nodded absent mindedly as they walked down the hall to suite 107c, Jameson suit.

“Bitches, was that all you thought of Maria?” Williams asked all of a sudden and threw him off guard. Stanley shot him a look and let out a fake laugh.
“Of course not, I loved her really but like you always say, there are certain things that we are often forced to do and we get to have no choice. You do realized that I held her above any other girl, don’t you?” he asked, placing his hand on the door knob.
“Yes I understand perfectly well,” he nodded and Stanley turned the knob.

They walked into the tastily furnished suite and feasted on it with their eyes. The door led directly into the little but comfy sitting room. The television was on and Jameson sat on a couch backing the door. The day’s dailies rested on his laps and he peeked at the pages through his spectacles.

Stanley took the lead and Williams dragged slowly behind until they stood before him, separated only by the glass table accommodating his eye glass case and a glass of wine. Jameson peeked at them over the rims of his spectacle and frowned.
“He is the one boss,” Stanley announced and Williams smiled.
“I see, what’s his name again?” Jameson asked, looking at Stanley.
“Williams,” Williams answered and got a chilly look from him.
“You only talk when you are talked to young man,” he cautioned icly and the smile froze on Williams face. He murmured his apologies and kept mute.
“He is Williams sir,” Stanley repeated.
“I heard him the first time,” he said and dropped the paper on the table.
“I have heard stories about you, how reliable and how cold you can be,” he said to Williams. Williams nodded and kept looking at him, eyeball to eyeball.
“I would like to trust you but I need a good reason to. Just give me one reason I should trust someone that killed his parents and his siblings just to get to the top, how safe am I with you?” he asked, maintaining eye contact with him. He often believed he could tell the character of a man through the shadows in his eyes, but he saw nothing in Williams eyes. They were dark as hell. He waited for an answer to his questions, a few seconds dragged by and he only got a smile for an answer. He shifted on his seat and coughed lightly. Stanley shot Williams a look and swore under his breath.

“I would like you to be totally honest with me, how much would it take for you to put a hit on me, don’t tell me you can’t do it. Every man has his price so tell me how much?” he asked. Williams thought for a while and let out a sharp answer.

“Nothing, I’d do it for free,” he replied. Jameson let out an uneasy smile and Stanley squeezed his face.
“You don’t care for money, do you? All those things you did, the people you killed, your parents? You didn’t do it for money?” he asked.
“No, I don’t care for money. I only care to see you dead,” he said and pulled his gun from his waist. Stanley reached for his piece but reached late. Williams put a bullet through his left thigh and another through his left hand. He fell with a scream and a thud.
He switched to a stung Jameson.
“Have you lost your mind? What do you think you are doing?” he asked, moving his hand stealthily to the gun on the side stool on his right, Williams didn’t miss it. He shot him on the hand, once. He let out a shriek and held his shattered hand.

“You remember Taylor?” he asked and Jameson managed to nod through the stinging pain burning in his fresh.
“Then you must remember Kim too, she was his daughter. Got killed along with his father. Word has it that you were responsible and it’s very personal to me. I loved her and she loved me,” he said and caressed the trigger.
“You are pathetic boy. You did all these because of some bitch that her father would have tossed your poor ass over a cliff if he found out you were dating her,” he swore in between clenched teeth.
“I am not here because of her father. I am her because of her. And she was no bitch. She was Kim and she was my first love.”

He bit his lips and squeezed the trigger, emptying his leads on him as he shook from impact with the bullet, shattered by it. He pulled the trigger once more and the clip clicked empty. He sniffed and turned to Stanley on the floor, nursing his pain with groans.

“The things we do for love bro. My love for her and your love for money,” he said to a terrified Stanley. He replaced the empty clip and pointed it at him.
“Difference is, I would burn any amount it took to have her back, in my arms. Heck, I killed my folks and sold out my family too, that’s what she meant to me. But you, you will kill anybody just for money, Maria too, you just gave her up after all those loves you professed to her. She was sweet and she was my sister and she was no bitch,” he said. He waited for no protest. He shot him three times on the chest and watched him sprawl out on the floor, in his own pool of blood.

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“Do you think he missed on purpose?” Oscar asked as he drove through the empty streets with Jaycee and August.
“Nobody misses like that, he could have taken us out if he wanted to.
“Maybe he is sorry for the things he actually put you guys through, maybe you could start a family, the three of you, what do you say?”
“I say I’d rather jump off a bridge than spend another 10 seconds with the fool without putting a bullet in between his teeth,” August said. Jaycee shot him a glance at the back of the car and smiled.
“I could lend you my gun for that purpose,” he said and sat back on his chair.
“What is this world coming to? Brothers shooting up brothers and stuffs,” Oscar muttered floored the gas.

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