Cold Episode 31


“Someone lives really large.”
Jaycee picked a chain off the shinning wooden table and examined it like a collector.
“Do you think it’s really gold?”
Oscar shot him a look and shook his head.
“How do I know, never seen a real one before.”
“Sure you haven’t.”

Jaycee scavenged the room more while Oscar kept to his cookie.
“Stan sure knows his cookies.”
“And you sure are an idiot,” Jaycee replied holding up a portrait photograph of Stanley and Maria. He caressed her face and shook his head.

“Do you think he really loved her?” Oscar asked, creeping up from behind him.
“I don’t know but she probably fucking loved him.”
He dropped the photo with a bang and the sound of a car pulling up in the front tarmac followed.
Oscar ran to the window and took a peek.
“He’s back, new car.”
“I can see that,” he replied, looking down at the roof of the car.

Stanley walked up to the stairs, too occupied to notice that the door wasn’t supposed to be open.

“Hey Stan,” Jaycee called out as he opened the door. “Nice to meet you again.”
He caught himself from tripping to the floor, he had never seen a ghost before.
“Jaycee?” He asked, the shock still on him, he walked the tiled floor slowly like he was walking on a knife edge.
“Yea, it’s me, I obviously didn’t die, but Maria,” he started. “She died, Joseph too and August is so fucked up.”
“I know bro, hurts me how things went so wrong, I lost Maria too, not just you, I lost a friend in Joseph and the one I loved most, Maria, I lost her too and you don’t know how happy I am to see you standing here.”
He advanced closer as he spoke.
“Could you do me a favor?” Jaycee asked.
“Just stand the fuck where you are, do not come any closer than you already are.”

He heaved himself up the table while Oscar sat on a couch, the plate of cookie on his laps. Stanley was the only one standing.
“Williams’ still alive, are you aware of that?” Oscar asked and Stanley gave him a look that made him assume he never knew.
“He was killed at Town Square that day, how could he possibly be alive?”
“I don’t know, he just is but then, what I find confusing is your parts in all this. You gave us away that day, you were obviously walking with the black Mercedes team, just like Williams is but you seem not to know much.”
He searched his face for reactions and got a faked look of confusion.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about,” Stanley replied.

Jaycee drew the gun from his waist and pointed it at him.
“Maria got off the phone with you the day she was killed, she told you which way we were going and funny enough, the black Mercedes squad showed up, Stan, tell me, what is happening. Who wants us dead and why?”

“I think you are putting the right questions to the wrong person, trust me Jay, if I knew who it was, he would have long been dead for taking Maria from me.”
He watched his face, trying to figure out how convincing he sounded. Jaycee’s face showed no emotion, even if they were there, he didn’t see them.

“How would you know? You are too inconsequential to know, you are just the bloody snitch and pawn you are known for.”

A car pulled up to the front with a mighty screech, Jaycee looked away from Stanley and to the window, he grabbed the opportunity and pulled a pistol from his hips.
“Oops,” Jaycee muttered and dashed away from the table, followed behind by hot bullets. Oscar threw his plate of cookies at Stanley and fell behind the couch.

“Sorry Jay, just doing my Job, a bloke’s gotta survive.”
He moved slowly with his back against the door, turned the knob and ran down the stairs. His car left within seconds.

“Jay, you okay?” Oscar asked, creeping out from behind the couch.
“I’m alive.”
He held onto his bleeding hand and crawled out.
“I was grazed by the bullet.”
“Let me see,” he said, walking up to where he crouched on the floor. He raised the bleeding hand and nodded.
“Nothing Much, just a scratch.”
“Yea, except that it hurts like a fucking heartbreak.”

He helped him up and they walked to the door.
“Wait,” Oscar said.
“Gotta pick some cookies.”
“Mad fuck,” Jaycee muttered.

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Nancy squeezed her face tighter as she mopped up the blood from his arm.
“You know you have had a failed career if you ever tried out nursing,” Jaycee whispered as she worked on him.
“Never said I wanted to be a nurse.”
“I know, just try and put a smile on that face, the look on it keeps making me feel like I am going to die.”

“So Stan obviously does not know that Williams is alive, what does that tell you mate?”
Oscar said, walking up to them with a mouthful of cookie.
“That he is unimportant in the scheme of things,” Jaycee replied, knocking off Nancy’s hand as the pain of the disinfectant hit him.
“Could you just go easy on the hand? Please!”
“You know I hate blood,” she complained.
“You love me, it’s my blood, you should love it too.”
“Yea, I should make tea with it.”
He smiled and she caught it.
“August is leaving here, don’t you think we should leave too? Before you set up a date with your death,” Nancy commented.
“We will leave, after Stanley burns.”

Oscar crunched on the cookie so loud they both turned their attention to him.
“Bro, sup with the cookie, could you stop already?”
“You need a bite to know what I’m going through here.”
He handed him a cookie and he took it reluctantly, he took a bite and nodded.
“He sure knows his cookie.”
He put the remaining piece into Nancy’s mouth.

“Stanley obviously snitched you guys out to the Mercedes Guys but for who if not Williams?” Oscar asked.
“Definitely not for Williams, where would he have gotten the money for such big Gang, definitely not for Williams bro,” Jaycee said, stretching his arm for bandaging.
“So you saying Williams and Stanley works for a common goal or more like a common boss?”
“I don’t know anymore, don’t know what to think but I will tell you what I will do.”
“I will decapitate both Stanley and Williams and use their heads for a teacup, guess it will give me some satisfaction.”

“What a hell of teacup that will be,” Oscar murmured.
“Yes, for your private and personal use only,” Nancy said and knotted the bandage furiously.
“Ouch, cut off the hand already,” Jaycee half yelled.

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