Cold Episode 32


“He had a choice, a better choice and he chose death. You sure can’t blame me.”
He tapped on the glass table before him and puffed the smoke from the cigar into the air.
“So how close are you now from getting the territory to yourself?” The voice on the other side of the phone asked.
“Just a matter of time, I can assure you it will happen in your lifetime.”
A chuckle came from the other end and he smiled.
“Good one son, grab everything for us.”
“Sure Donald, I never stop halfway.”

He dropped the call and eyed Stanley as he stood before him. The cigar went down to the ash tray and he leaned over the table.
“So? What were you saying?”
“I think Williams is ready to come into play, he has proven himself as the ruthless guy you would like him to be,” Stanley explained.
“Good then. So you are assured that he knows everything about St Mathews and all the oppositions to tackle?”
“Mr Taylor is gone, Donatti too, there isn’t much opposition left, if you ask me.”
Jameson swayed his head from right to left and back.
“Good then, I will like a meeting with this Williams at a time of my own choosing. I need to access him myself.” Stanley nodded. “And any other thing, just give me a call. You don’t need to be showing up at my office,” he said.
“Of course,” Stanley said and walked out of the office.

Jameson fell back on his chair and lighted a fresh cigar. He could care less about St Mathews if not for the large oil deposit recently uncovered there. To him, there was no government. You are the government if you can get everyone to fall to you. Jean Trommels didn’t believe that and Taylor too, they believed the power was with the people to do whatever they wanted with their resources.
“Stupid oafs,” he cursed under his breath. “I gave them a chance to get rich beyond their imagination and what did they do, they slapped my extended hand.”
He crushed the cigar in the tray and rubbed his palm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
He stared at the Clock in his hand and tightened his face. He released the magazine and inspected the bullets. He nodded and inserted it back.
He heard someone call him from outside. He hid the gun underneath his sheets and waited for the second call. His door slowly opened and Mary stood staring at him.
“Are you busy?” she asked, admiring the muscles that stood out on his body. He shook his head and smiled.
“Anything for me?” he asked. She walked in and sat on his laps.
“Your dad could come in you know.”
She ignored him and placed her hand around his shoulder, bringing her face down to kiss him on the lips.
“Hmmm, strawberry,” he murmured in between kisses.
“Want some?” she asked as he licked his lips. He nodded.
“But let me lick the ones in your mouth first.”
She laughed and kissed him one more time.
“I’ll go get the straw berries, June won’t let them be.”

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He watched her walk out of the room. She reminded him of Maria, the little he could still remember about her. His past seem to be fading and each time he tried to keep a grasp at whatever debris he could, the more it seemed better that he forgot. He picked the gun again and admired it.
“Remember who you are,” he murmured. “I am a Donatti.”
Mary hopped into the room, clutching a plate of Strawberries. The gun went back under the sheets.

“Hey bro,” August called and extended his hand. Garvey took it and shook his arm.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“Nothing much bro.”
Garvey adjusted and he sat beside him on the block. They both stared around the field for a while before a boy of their age started walking up to them.
“Guess where Matt is going,” Garvey said and nodded towards the approaching boy.
“He’s coming to warn me to keep off his girlfriend,” August replied and Garvey smiled.
“That girl is so into you.”
“Yea, but I don’t even want her, if only the fool boy knows that.”

Matt stopped before them and eyed August contentious, ignoring his companion.
“Sup matt?” August asked, looking up at him.
“I saw you sneaking around with Genevieve after school, what was that for?”
“Well, she just wanted to know what gift to get you for valentine, she thought I offered the best advice.”
“Really?” he asked with a ton of disbelief in his eyes and voice.
“Yea, don’t stress it bro, I told her to get you a pair of working senses cos obviously you lack it.”
Garvey let out a snicker.
“Oh, really?” Matt Asked and moved closer, clenching his fists. August jumped from where he sat and stood looking him eyeball to eyeball. They could each feel the warm breath rushing out of each other’s nose. August seemed calmer than he was.
“So what are you going to do about it?” he asked. Matt stared into his eyes longer than he could remember. Something about them feared him but still, he won’t allow himself be cowed by the stranger. That was all August was to him. A stranger he needs to send back to his cave. He reluctantly moved back and watched August with hatred.
“I will show you,” he muttered and turned to go.
“You think you are tough heh?” he called after him. He turned and faced him again. “You ain’t seen nothing Matt,” he finished with a scoff.

He sat back on the block and watched him as he left. He appreciated the feeling of loving someone and having her run after someone else who you will rather not identify with. Mary had him and her cousin Jeane wants him so much she was getting edgy towards Mary.
“Your birthday is tomorrow?” Garvey asked, disrupting his thoughts. He nodded, he had almost forgotten.
“And you will be?”
“So I can’t buy you a toy car then?” he asked with a grin.
“No you can’t. But you can get me more bullets for the gun you gave me.”

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