Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Final Episode 39


I was now thinking how my father would react when he sees for my mum, well we’ve been communicating and I even informed her of my visit.. She was more than happy..And so I drove into the compound, David drove in as well..
My mother sat outside with few brethren from the church that I could still took few minutes to tie her wrapper, put on her glasses and drew closer before she could really confirm that it was know women now, the dancing and all the admiration of the car I brought
David smiled and hugged her
“It’s me mom”
My younger sister came out, she had helped me escaped from home back then so without hesitation, I gave her the smart phone I bought for her, two sets of jewelries, fashioned clothes, shoes that her eyes brimmed with grateful tears..finally my dad showed up, I was extremely scared when he called my name
“Daddy I am sorry I..”
He hugged me
“I am sorry my daughter, welcome home”
Well David wasn’t an issue, there was no need for a second introduction father wanted David from the on set and yes he has got David..
My wedding was just as I wanted, on a beach.. With family and friends from the Fashion house, Nah I don’t want much crowd, lights everywhere, pearls around my feet..
Clarise drew me aside and handed a letter to me..
“Madam Clara’s final Gift”
I quickly tore it open
“My child, if you are reading this it means you married the man that would make you happy, you married David, I am proud of you sweetie, please take care of my boy”
My eyes brimmed with tears, I laughed and cried alike..I still wondered if there was a letter if I had married Jeremy
My story didnt end but got to a checkpoint, my life with David is another chapter of my my course I learnt and grew..If beauty was everything It would be Jeremy, i worked hard to get to were I was and I kept working to keep myself my darkest Moment I didn’t give up, I had to stand up for the one I love..
And so within 4years, one small 3years old girl asked
“Mummy, how do i become a model?”
Awwnn, I pecked my baby girl
“All you do is stand proud when needed”
David signalled me so I followed to the bedroom..
“You know there is just one reason I called you” he said and bit my lips
I laughed and kissed him
“Unzip me”
Of course he hurriedly did and we travelled to a world only we could reach..what are you still reading? Abi you wan follow us??
The End..