Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 38


Finally its my wedding day! I am gonna wear something different from a normal white wedding gown..mine would be blue..
Oh wait..seems I went too far..sorry, was too excited..let’s travel back to after we won the competition..
So yeah! We won and brought our trophy back home..
As soon as Joanne sighted us she hurried to David and hugged him, even when he didn’t hug her back
“I missed you”
He wanted to say something but I couldnt stand the sight
“Emm, Joanne he has heard you, we got your money now so you’ve got no leverage against this has been paid into your account and just in case you want to do anything stupid, don’t forget we have a document where you signed to our for David, he is mine and I am not ready to trade him with anyone..”
I left her speechless, left vodka and my models laughing as I took David with me
“Wait, I’ll pretend you didn’t just say that”
David said when we were metres away
“I did, and it’s best you get used to it”
“And Joanne?”
Who Joanne help?
“I don’t care”
He smiled and hugged me
“Welcome back Bukky”
I went to see Jeremy immediately, but it seemed I was actually interrupting a romantic scene when I bounced in to meet him kissing Vodka
“Oh sorry sorry..Uhmm..Jeremy, wanted to say hi”
He laughed and waved at me..
And they went back to business..nobody told me to fine my level, I gently walked out and closed the door behind last, I was indeed happy for them..
This David self, he is wasting too much time, me I want to get married before someone steals him from me..he called me..just the person I was thinking of..well it was a Date, my mind kept telling me he wants to propose but I didn’t want to expect too much just in case he decides to break my kidney..
“Do you remember what happened on this date?”
I acted like I thought about it for a while
“Emmm..not quite”
He laughed, I was becoming impatient, I knew my David..he wants to propose because his eyebrows kept twitching, it happens like that when he has something important to say
“I first kissed you on this day”
Oh, now I remember
“David please just put the ring on this finger, am growing impatient”
He laughed heartily and brought it out
I hushed him, collected the ring and knelt down
“David Phillips, please marry me” he laughed till tears fell from his eyes..he accepted anyway,this is the my man, now I have to go back to Ibadan and face my Ibadan, here I come!