Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 9


“Are you both married?”
A man interrupted both of us, we broke free, breathlessly..starring at him with no word to express ourselves.
“Please this is the house of the Lord, keep it holy”
oops, is he the pastor the church?..
“Let’s go David”
He followed me..we were both quiet as he drove back to Ibadan..I followed back in his car to lagos..I let my driver take my car back..I didn’t even know what to say, he just faced the road..without turning to look at me..
Did I just do something wrong?..what was I thinking?.. I thought I had prepared all my so called defenses..What was he thinking? Oh God, what if he tells Joanne?
We got to the house.. I didn’t want anyone to see me come down from his car..but how am I supposed to do that..
“David, please go and see mummy”
I said, the only word I was able to say..
He nodded and stepped out of the car, I sighed..I couldn’t get my head to think straight now..what do I really do? Would David even consider leaving Joanne for me?
‘Where have you been?”
Jeremy asked when he saw me, I wanted to lie, but of what use
“I went to look for David”
He was quiet and starred at me with that suspicious eyes
“And you found him?”
I nodded in response
“How’s mummy? Have you seen her today?”
I changed the topic immediately, he nodded in response..and was about to ask another question again..this Jeremy self
“Jeremy i am tired please, I need to rest”
I walked out on him, he wasn’t making sense abeg..
Later that night I met David in the hall way..I attempted to walk past him but he held me back..God, my heart missed a beat..instant cold crept from my legs to my head..
“David please, someone could see us”
He walked closer to me..
“I don’t care, why are you scared? Didn’t you kiss me?”
I forced my hand free and stepped backwards
“It was a just a casual Moment, we were both vulnerable”
He was hurt, I didnt mean that but I just had to say it to get Free
“Bukky.. Tell it to my dont love me?”
I swallowed hard..
“Huh” he was too close God..
“I do David! Is that what you wanna hear? I do”
He was broken because of madam Clara’s ailment, I could see that, he rested his head on my shoulder
“Then please don’t leave me again..I need you”
I melted in his arms, I couldn’t stop him when he kissed me, I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him back..
“Bukky?” We broke free in shock, It was Jeremy..!
Now you know why my story was named “caught in the moment” because Jeremy caught us in that moment..