Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 8


I stood up and walked up to him..and with confidence i held his arm..I didn’t know if I just wanted him to touch me or spit it out, or I wanted both..I just wanted to feel our passion..even if its just for a minute..
“David..I know I hurt you, I..
He turned in rage..
” no you didn’t just hurt me! broke me!”
I took a step backwards in shock
“Where were you when my father died..I though you promised we were in this left me! For what? For fame? Money?! Huh?! What?!”
I was quiet..I didn’t know what to say to him..
“And now you’ve gotten super ambitious, you went after my brother!..right?! No what are you doing here? want Jeremy to see you with me?”
A tear fell from my touched him and I could see it, he quickly backed away
“Stop crying, stop it”
I sniffed and wipe my do I even explain that I left him because I felt our lives still had alot to accomplish?.. Does that even make sense..
“David I am sorry..”
It was all I could was all my brain could tell me..
“Bukky don’t tell me that..”
He voice had become soft..
“Within months my mother is gone, again!..I refused to live out my childhood with her, I never gave her that opportunity to know her son, now I feel so guilty, I can’t even face could i be so stupid?..I can’t even..”
His words got stuck as he broke down crying..I just couldn’t stand there, I rushed to him and hugged him from behind..I cried with him, I understood his pain, I knew why he couldn’t face madam Clara..
“David, why not make her remaining time with you a blessing, why not give her the son she always wished she had..?”
I raised my hand to his neck..I loved the body I was touching..I loved the scent I was inhaling.. I felt we were bonded that I was caught in that moment but I wasn’t planning to escape..
“Bukky, please let me be..please dont come back to my live like this.. I have lived my life this two years trying go on without you.. And yet here you are..why are you doing this to me?”
I felt hurt, was I the reason for his hurt? Did I hurt him that bad?..did he love me just as much..can I even let him go?..
I made him face me.
“I really don’t know what to say..”
And I really didn’ I drew him near and made our lips meet..the passion, like our hearts had been yearning for this for so long..we kissed hungrily, I held him tight..let the world be still, and for now, I love this man..d–n the consequences..