Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 21


What do I do?..we would be called up in 5minutes..
“Bukky think think think”
I thought pacing around..the rest of the models were looking at me for ideas, no one could even say something
“Without the music, there is nothing”
Jovita spoke out and sighed in disappointment..
Yes! That’s it, music..
I hurried to the DJ..
“How many minutes have we got left?”
“Less then 3minutes”
I turned to my models..
“Girls gather around..guys take the next line”
They all starred at me like ‘what’s she doing’ they obeyed anyway..
“I need that keyboard on stage, attach a good mic with it”
I ordered the DJ..he quickly arranged a keyboard for me on stage..
“Now attach the keyboard to these speakers..and once I am about to go up on stage..switch off the main light. When am seated with the the spot light centered on me first..another one centered on every model who would walk in”
The camera man and every other machinery got my message
“Up next, Bisola Oluwatoke”
The stage went dark immediately.. Perfect!..I could hear everyone murmur, like what was going on? The power went off?
Seconds later when I was on stage, the spot light shone on me
The Audience roared with applause..I cleared my throat, and started the keyboard with C-sharp..I started a song by Emeli Sande “clown”
As planned the next spotlight shone on every model who walked in..I made sure the models with gowns and suits walked in first, that’s what suits the song i was singing..I signalled the DJ if he had gotten another media player..he nodded in affirmation.. Good, he took my phone and played “love is wicked” by brick and lace..before he played that, the stage went dark again..and brightened up fully now with the remaining models marching in with their jeans, canvas, timberlands and jackets of different type and colors, to match..with the music playing in rhythm..
When they were thru the hall was strangely quiet, no one moved a muscle..oh God, did I do this all wrong?..but then one of the judges stood up and started applauding
“This is unbelievable!”
He kept saying..the whole audience stood up with him and roared with shouts and applaud..God my eyes brimmed..even if I didn’t win this competition, I never failed to leave them amazed
We were called out, both teams
“Vodka and her team scored 74 points..”
The applause was rather legs were shaking now..
“And bukky scored 120points!”
I went mad with Joy!! But then clarise drew me aside
“Madam Clara is dead”