Caught In The Moment-Episode 10


I tailed him from behind..I didn’t want him to ask me anything so its best I observed a little distance..I was certain he noticed.. He didn’t say anything till when we got to the office
“I am not eating you bukky”
He said before he opened the door to let me in first.i met madam Clara examining the gown I had been sewing..she turned to see both of us with glimmer in her eyes
“My dear you did this?”
She questioned with smiles on her face
“Yes ma but I am not true yet”
I emphasised on the “I am not true yet” just in case she concluded that it was a disaster..
“My God”
My mind was running with different thoughts..was is that bad?..I tried to look at prince charming with my cornered eyes but his eyes were on me like torchlight so I quickly averted my eyes..
“This is superb”
My face brimmed with smiles
“You are a pretty girl”
Jeremy smile seized immediately.. It was the same words Goliath had told me before he tried to rape me..what does this one want now?
“Isnt she mum?”
He questioned madam Clara
“Of course she is..and talented as well”
Madam Clara replied still checking out the silver coloured gown
“Then what is she doing as a cleaner?”
Jeremy questioned further..
“Jeremy am on it..I had wanted her to wait for a year but with this I am thinking two months she should finish her training and get out there..she would be the face of this house..I need pretty and talented people”
“See as mama and pikin dey gossip me for my presence” I thought..I really didn’t understand the good news until Jeremy explained
“Won’t you thank would be a model in 2months!”
“Eh?”.. It was like I didn’t hear well..
Tears dropped from my eyes..I was looking for the right word to thank her but my mouth opened and nothing came out
” awwwnn come here dear”
She called to me and opened her arms to hug me..I cried because it was the only way i could express myself
But now it became another battle ground..the battle for the fittest..madam Clara stopped me from being a cleaner immediately.. Did I tell you that vodka was the face of the house..and that she had won the award for over five years..
“Girls gather around..bukky would be counted among you girls as a model..and of course participate in the competition next year”
Madam Clara dropped the bombshell..the room went was broken..she quietly got up…stopped at my front and gave me that malicious look before she walked out..wetin concern me..?..who she help???
To be continued