Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 31 FINAL 


Ella: *tears*…… 
Me: whats the result saying? Who is the father? 
Ella: you are!… are the father of my baby!!!! 
Me: are you serious? Lets see……! Its so more than positive, i’m a father now, hear me everyone am a father!
 Ella: ssshh….you’ar embarassing me! 
Me: embarass? You have no slight idea how happy i am. 
Ella: am happier than you are…..finally! We’ve scaled through all our trying times. 
Me: this calls for celebration! 
Ella: of course it does. We left the hospital filled with joy and happiness, i don’t think i’ve ever had a cause to celebrate like this before! 
 our wedding venue was at our family mansion in cebu. Tens of persons were invited-close friends, families and a priest. The priest who officiated the wedding brought with him the necessary documents we were to sign. It was indeed a blissful and memorable day for all of us, even the Angelo family were present, we were now family friends just like old times. The wedding ended. Its now 9pm, some guest have departed while others decided to sleep over. Ella and i retired to my…..ooops ‘our’ room. 
Ella: wow! We gathered alot of gifts, i am dead curious to know what we’ve got. 
Me: that should be tomorrow…… 
Ella: nooo! I want it done now. 
Me: aren’t you too tired for that?
 Ella: no am not. 
Me: well i am.
 Ella: i’d do it myself then…….. 
Me: it seems you’ar forgetting something, this is our couple’s night aren’t we suppose to be performing some bed stunts? 
Ella: whats so unique about this night?……..sshhh i would answer that, what is unique about tonight is the gifts. 
Me: you’ar so stubborn, fine lets do it your way. 
Ella: that sounds more like it. She brought out a basket full of wrapped parcels, we got rid of the wrap sheets one after the other, the gift items ranged from household utensils to edible items which Ella didn’t fail to have a bite of. One particular item caught my itention, it was a folded piece of paper, it look so weird i mean who would give newly weds nothing but paper? Out of curiosity, i unfolded the paper, a car key glided down, the paper also had some written words…. 
Ella: who gave us a car? Read the letter lets know where the car is parked. 
Me: okay….it reads….. 
Hi! Isaiah, first of all congratulations, pls accept my written felicitations, i just don’t want you to see me…. Secondly, the key there is yours, its the key to the car i bought as a wedding gift for you. The car is parked in your father’s parking lot, a black hyundai sonata. I know you are curious to know who i am, guess it! Guess it mr Isaiah. Okay just a hint- Nikspurs. Yes thats right, i’m Nikky, Nikky Angelo. Mum told me about the burial, glad to say this ‘ you buried the wrong lady’ I was saved by this charming young man, he saved me from the jaws of death, treated me and had me underwent a facial surgery, oh yes my face was damaged by crocodiles, i swear i would skin them alive. Joking…… 
Seriously i was at your wedding today, i’m even writing this in your house. I discovered the truth atlast! I still can’t believe i share the same father with my own child! Nenita must not know about this, the more reason i would be flying to canada first thing tomorrow. The dude who saved me is head over heels in love with me, he is ready to accept Nenita as his daughter, we are going to canada with him, there we would start a new life. I realise we were never meant to be, we have different destinies…. 
Don’t bother searching for me, what i’m i even saying? You don’t even know what i look like hahahahaha i have to go now, bye! I love you….ooops Agape love i meant. Yours lovely Nikky;the only girl whose prince charming saved from the jaws of death and gave a whole new personality 
Ella: oh! I’m so happy for her. 
Me: me too… 
Ella: so mister do you still need a slice of that romance cake, from the sweet bakery? 
Me: aaaww i would give up the whole world for the full cake. She drew me closer and we got locked in a hot kiss, heart tearing romance and brain exploding pleasures… wouldn’t wanna get details about that……