Broken Seal Season ~Episode 4


Isaiah: I love you Ella. 
Ella: i love you more…. She tried tilting her head forward for a kiss but felt a sharp pain instead. “oooouuuch” she groaned, trying hard to open her eyes. Oh! She had been hallucinating again. The room was still as gloomy as it was yesterday, she was still tied to the chair at the mercy of the duct tape. She’ve been here for days, she didn’t know how it happen, but she remembered vividly it all started with ear-destroying sounds of gunshots and…… *door opens* she heard the door opening, of course she needed not a seer to tell her its Rodelio the arch devil, she tilted her head down, pretending to be asleep. Rodelio emptied a cup of water on her, the chills of the water in this cold weather condition only increased her pains. 
Rodelio: hi love!!!!! 
Ella: she didn’t bother speaking ‘coz the duct tape on her lips was a great hinderance. Rodelio wanted her to say something, he detached the tape from her lips….. 
Ella: (with the iota of strength in her) bastård!!!!! 
Rodelio: (smiling) won’t you atleast kiss me? Your love? 
Ella: i’d rather kiss a dead dog than kiss a beast like you, let me go!!!! 
Rodelio: i love you honey, i really do. 
Ella: love? Did i just hear you say ‘love? (scoff) is this how you love? You hurt the ones you claim to love? No Rodelio, beasts like you can’t love, you have a rock in place of a heart. I hate you sparky!!!!!!!! 
Rodelio: is it that hard to love me? Everything i ever did, which may seem bad to you, i do because i love you Ella, open the eyes of your heart and you’d realise how much i love you. It hurts to see you in this condition but trust me, its only for a while! Things would work out between us, all i need from you is your love. 
Ella: rubbish (struggling to free herself) Rodelio felt some pity for her, he untied her, so she can lay on the bed. Immediately Ella’s hand was freed she gave Rodelio a hot slap. 
Ella: thats for my wedding. She reached to slap him again, he was now pissed, he held her hand mid-air and gave her a slap that sent her to the floor. 
Rodelio: your food is over there, don’t you even think of escaping ‘coz you’ar guarded by more than 30men. With that he stormed out angrily, only 10men were in the building, he exaggerated ‘coz he wanted to implant some fear in her. 
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Samuel came by few minutes past 6pm as he promised yesterday. 
Samuel: (whisperin almost in my ear) have this, these Ritalins would make you unconscious for hours, take only two pill at 8pm, so you’d wake up by 6am. Don’t take more or less, got it? 
Me: what if my cellmates fail to inform the warders? 
Samuel: the more reason i said you’ar to take it by 8pm, didn’t you mention the prison guards come for their routine check by 8pm? Lets hope they don’t come before or long after you take the pills. 
Me: thanks man.
 Samuel: thank me later, infact don’t thank me, thats what close buddies do, they participate in crime together. 
Me: hahahahaha if i get caught you’d be sooo dead!!!! 
Samuel: i gotta go, i have alot to do in the hospital, hahahahahaha for your sake i’d taste the live of docs, do you know i hate them?
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 😉 😉 😉 😉
 when it was exactly 8pm, i took two pills, just hope all goes well. WTF! My eyes started rotating, i felt out of the world. This is serious!!!! 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉