Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 3


Samuel: don’t tell me you’ve developed allergy to smiling?
 Me: Are you seriously asking me that? Do you think i should be happy and throw a party ‘coz i’m stucked in here? 
Samuel: you can try smiling from time to time! 
Me: scumbag! I need to get outta here somehow. 
Samuel: like seriously? I can help out if you have the courage to break law.
 Me: there must be a legal way out. 
Samuel: are you forgetting this is a murder case? There is no pardon! Your least punishment is 35years in prison. 
Me: hmmmm. 
Samuel: don’t you want to find your Ella? To be with her?
 Me: i do…..i seriously do.
 Samuel: good, now you’ar speaking like the Isaiah i know. 
Me: how do we go about it? 
Samuel: leave it all to me, i’d be back by this time tomorrow. Then the plan would have been drafted, set for execution. 
Me: thanks man, i owe you big time. 
Samuel: thank me later, gotta go now. 
Seriously i don’t fancy this whole idea of prison break, but if thats what it takes to see Ella again, to be lost in her world, i’d through caution in the air, for her sake. Yes thats how much i love her. 
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Mr. Guidotti was alone in his office, watching a video clip when his secreatary interrupted, she gave him a brown envelope, saying someone left it for him a couple of hours ago. Guidotti tore it open immediately, it was a letter from the court, a notice indicating Isaiah would be having his first court sitting in few days. The notice was too urgent but he wasn’t atleast surprised ‘coz he know he’s going against a one time friend who became an enemy for reasons best known to him. He knew Angelo had an upper hand in this and might seize that to get back at him. He wished he could do something about it, but both ends are blocked!!!!
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Angelo and his wife rushed anxiously to the hospital, they can’t wait to set their eyes on their daughter. The receptionist directed them to the doctor’s office….. 
Doctor: you both are welcome, mr and mrs Angelo. 
Angelo: can i see my daughter now? 
Doctor: sure, this way….. He lead them to a more private ward, last they checked, Nikky was in the ICU reason they didn’t complain about how foreign the new ward was to them. Carolyne opened the door in anticipation, but what her brain interpreted wasn’t the image of their young daughter, rather a man. 
Carolyne: who is this man? 
Doc: Nikky brought him here weeks ago. 
Angelo: didn’t you say my daughter was hale and hearty? 
Doc: sorry sir, by ‘patient’ i mean mr. Tomas. 
Carolyne: hun, who is he? Who is T…Tomas?
 Angelo: he used to be in the orphanage, i’d explain more later. Doc, get him ready, he’d be living with us for the meantime, i heard he has amnessia. 
😉 😉 😉 😉 
Isaiah: i love you Ella! 
Ella: i love you too honey, i miss you alot dear.
 Isaiah: i miss you alot moreee!!!! 😉 😉
 To be continued 😉 😉