Woara Season 2 Episode 9 FINAL  – “It’s you – Woara”


I didn’t waste any more time. I barged in on them and there they were again, another surprise was waiting for me. Afra and Fred, were half naked on the sofa, cuddling each other.  I didn’t even know which of the issues to address first, whether for catching them in the act or for Fred being the real father of the pregnancy. 
The least I expected, It wasn’t left me for to react, Fred just burst out after tossing Afra somewhere and got up looking very angry. At first,  I thought, it was because of my presence but I noticed they were not even bothered about my presence. It was as if they were ready for me. 
“Seriously, that’s too far now, how dare you try to make this bastard father my unborn baby” Fred said, referring to me as a bastard.  
Well, at this moment, I’ll settle for all insults. Apparently, Fred was the committed type but aggressive in anyway. He would settle down for anything that will ensure his commitment to a lady, no matter who the lady is. Now, Afra being pregnant was enough to take his mind off Yvonne and rather commit to the mother of his unborn child. 
That was how weird Fred was, all along, I just stood there, completely speechless and watched everything that went on. Afra didn’t take it easy, she was not ready to settle with Fred irrespective of the child. 
“You can’t be serious, You belong to Yvonne, there is no future for us” Afra said. 
“I’m the father of the baby like you said ….” Fred said but before he could finish, Yvonne came out through the door that was left ajar. What a perfect timing. This is the moment of redemption I have been waiting for all this time.  
“ Hmm, so this is where this has gotten to Afra, why the lies, You are my sister for Christ sake, How could you? I heard everything, you slept with both Fred and Kwame? But how could you? Yvonne asked. 
Even when she came, she paid no attention to me. Everything was now between  Fred, Afra and Yvonne. As for me, I guess I was just a spectator. Afra knew it will definitely come to this point. And for the first time, I saw tears in her eyes when she began talking.
“How could I? How could I?? You still have the guts to ask me how could I. You did this to me, Yvonne, You did this!!” Afra said. At this point all attention was on her.  
“You brought all this upon, you turned me into a monster. I loved you sister, I looked up to you and that night, when I got raped, when my pride was taken away from me and you didn’t care!! You were the one who took me there and you didn’t even bother about me afterwards. Just so you know, I got pregnant and because I had no one, I aborted it!!” she cried out. 
I really didn’t know what was going on, but everything was so emotional now, Afra’s face was soaked in so much tears. Yvonne stood there as well and gradually tears rolled down her checks. It was a sister to sister moment. I had nothing to do than to stand and watch.
“Afra, I was guilty, I didn’t know how to comfort you. I knew it was my fault and I just didn’t know to say I’m sorry!” Yvonne said at the top of her voice. It seemed she had buried this in her for a long time. I even felt like crying too, but hey I was a man and no Kwame Jon. 
Afra didn’t take it easy at all, she went on and on, then I noticed this was all about getting back at Yvonne. What happened to *forgiveness*?
“You were looking for a way to say you were sorry, sorry can’t change anything Yvonne. Tell me, what happened to the letter, the letter I got from Kwame, You sent back the letter to him and guess what, that’s the same Kwame, you are  in love with.” Afra revealed. 
I was caught by surprise, It has been Yvonne all this while, it was her, she sent me back my letter! I could see from her face how astonished she was. She was more surprised than I was. At this moment, it was all tears. Fred who seemed to be enjoying every moment had some cobwebs to even clear that no one knew about. 
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Just when we thought the surprises were over, we were raided by the police. They were after Fred. Apparently, he had been on the wanted list for a whole year for armed robbery. No wonder, he shows up and disappears all the time. All this while, he was just hiding under pretense. The police without wasting anymore time took him away, leaving Yvonne, Afra and myself.
We were all shocked and didn’t even know what to say but Yvonne had her motive, she knew what to do right that moment. And for the first time in a long while, she spoke to me. 
“Leave my sister and I alone. Kwame” She said. 
I had to respect them and leave them alone.It was about time they really talked about things.  Just then, I felt saying sorry was just the right thing to do. It wasn’t that I directed it to anyone, I just said it and left them alone.   
There was nothing left for me to do now. I began reflecting on everything that had happened ever since I met Yvonne. Everything happened for a reason, but I noticed every single person in this story have made a mistake in one way or the other. Right from myself to Efua, Yvonne’s best friend. We all had our shortfalls. 
I went back to campus, I wanted to be alone, so I went straight to the spot where Yvonne and I always hangout. That’s when I got to know how pre-judgmental I have been. I was quick in acting, I was quick in believing everything that I hear out there without thinking thoroughly. 
I remember the good times with Yvonne, I remembered how she stood by me. Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and there she stood. I wanted to hug her and I bet she knew what I wanted to do.
“Go ahead, do want you got to do” She said. I didn’t hesitate, I quickly hugged her, told her how sorry and foolish I was. Then Afra also joined in. 
“I see, you didn’t wait for me to make up.” She said. “Kwame, there is something I need to tell you” Afra continued. 
Yvonne gave me that “I could trust her” look and right then, I gave my attention to Afra.
“In life, sometimes things drive us to do alot of bad stuff. All I want to tell you Kwame is that I’m really sorry for everything. I knew what we did actually meant something to you but I guess I was….” I knew what she was driving at so I didn’t even make her continue. But there was more she wanted to say.
“Yvonne is my sister and there is nothing I can do to change that, we have worked things out and I think you two should do the same. As for me and this baby, I know I have you two to support me so I’m not even bothered.” She said with tears in her eyes. 
As if the drama wasn’t enough, She took my hand and that of Yvonne’s, joined them together and while in tears, she said the most sweetest thing I have ever heard from her. 
“Can’t you see, you two are made for each other. Make up already” She said. 
Yvonne and I were looking straight into each other eyes like we were standing before the altar getting ready to take our vows. 
“It has always been you Kwame, It’s you. ɛyɛ Woara. I love you” She said. 
I was expected to say more looking at how romantic the atmosphere was but once again the ‘jon’ in me came alive. 
“I…I… I love you too” I fumbled with my words. Then she slowly kissed my lips. Wow, Do you realize that was the first I got from Yvonne? Well, this is how I found my love Yvonne, This is how I found my wife. 
The road hasn’t been easy as it may seem. And today, as I stand here before you all at my wedding reception, I say, love is a long journey but a very narrow one. Let’s love and embrace everything that comes with it. 
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