Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 8


Isabella and her mum arrived the state prison after about 30minutes hitch free drive. They went straight to the chief warder and asked to see Isaiah. 
Warder: i’m sorry ma’am, Isaiah had a little health issues and was taken to the hospital yesterday. 
Isabella: mum? 
Grace: what hospital? 
Warder: no need going there, we just get news of his escape!
 Grace: you have such a bad security system! If anything bad ever happens to my son, i’d make sure you pay with your life!!! 
Warder: if ever you find him don’t hesitate to inform us. 
Isabella: you’d be the last person to know! Scumbag!!!!! 
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 I got scared after hearing the gunshot. Raising my head i saw Samuel holding the officer’s hand high in the air, the ceiling looked pierced by a bullet, one of them must have pulled the trigger while the gun’ nozzle faced heaven. The little strength in me was awaken by the anger of falling down after the cop dodged my kick. I punched him hard on the rib, weakening him, samuel seized that opportunity to grab the gun from the officer. I gave the officer another rib chopper, he fell to the ground. I pinned him down immediately, samuel brought the handcuff, we cuffed his hands backward and left him groaning. The officer standing outside heard the gunshot, he was too scared to go in.
 *on the phone* 
officer: officer Bulano on the line, there’s an emergency, send the back up team to the hospital. Prisoner on the loose i repeat prisoner on the loose. I was about turning the door knob when samuel grabbed my hand… 
Samuel: wait! One more cop outside, i’d have to take him out. Samuel opened the door with his right hand while the pistol from the cuffed cop was on his another hand…. The officer outside was fast enough to shot as soon as samuel came out. Samuel managed to dodge nevertheless the bullet penetrated his right arm. He shot the cop on his forehead, killing him instantly. He then went back to Isaiah. 
Samuel: time for your escape, go fast, don’t delay!!! 
Me: your arm…were you shot?
 Samuel: don’t worry about me, i’d be fine, get going already! I think the cops would be here in no time. 
Me: are you sure
 Samuel: i said go, don’t throw our efforts in the air!!! He pushed me outside, i really didn’t want to leave him here, i don’t want everything to fall on him, but he insisted. I took the elevator and soon found myself on the last floor, some guards and nurses kept asking questions like ‘when did a delivery boy get in’ i was glad they bought my reply, none of them could recognize me as the patient brought in yesterday. Soon i found the bike samuel told me about i jumped on it, riding as fast as i could….. 
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Samuel found a piece of clothing and used it to tie his wound. He wore a longsleeve shirt to cover the wound, then tucked the gun in his waist. He walked down the hallway, hoping to find an optional exit, he didn’t want to use the elevator, unforunately he found no other exit he cursed the architect who planned the building. He resolved to take the elevator, but it was too late, three police men were already there. They seemed to have sighted his blood stained face. 
Police 1: hey you stop right there! In a reflex he gunned down the both of them. Two other officers came out from no where, both pointing guns at him. 
Officer 2: move and you’ar dead. Samuel was close to the elevator, with his hands in the air he took silent steps backward then a swift move into the elevator, which he locked afterwards. He clicked the buttons and the elevator took off. But it stopped ‘mid-air’ shít he spat out, the authorities must have done something, how is he to get outta here free? 
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