Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 9


Grace: Isabella and I went to visit Isaiah today, but were told he escaped while in the hospital. 
Guidotti: what!!?
 Grace: whats with the long face? Shouldn’t you be happy?
 Guidotti: how sure are you he’s safe? 
Grace: i believe so.
 Guidotti: even so, should he get caught, his punishment would be augumented. Do you know he’d be having his first court sitting next week? What would we tell the court? 
Grace: that question should be directed to the police! i hope we see him before the police do, so we’d have him flown abroad. 
Guidotti: thats close to impossible! If the police are really out for him, they’d make sure all routes out of the philippines are under surveillance. 
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The guard didn’t want to shoot ‘coz Rodelio had given them strict warning not to touch her. Ella was fast enough to pull the trigger before the guard did. His blood spilled all over her face. She pushed him aside and continued her walk out of the big house. She was practically wandering within the house. The gunshot alarmed the guards. One of them had already sighted her, he hid behind a pillar, and struck her hard with the butt of his AK47 just when she was about walking past him. Ella fell to the ground, unconscious. The guard took her to the room she was kept, and locked her up. He then called someone to clean up the mess she created. 
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 It wasn’t an easy ride at all, the heck leading device kept leading me to a very isolated area. I obeyed, guess thats the safest hideout Samuel could figure out. Soon i arrived a very very very deserted place, full of rocks and all. The only building here was a dilapidated hut-like structure. Damñ i can’t be staying here!!! I’d only spend the night here and leave early tomorrow! I had samuel’s digits off hand, i inputed it in the device he gave me, his phone ranged but he didn’t pick. I tried it six more times yet no response. This got me worried. 
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 Inasmuch as he tried to keep calm, he couldn’t help but worry. He banged the elevator’ hard glass walls to no avail. He gave up and sat on the elevator floor. Minutes later, the elevator drop down with great speed. Samuel didn’t know if he should be sad or happy. He pressed a yellow button and the elevator flung open. He was greeted by five policemen, each pointing their guns to him. ‘Shìt!’ He said silently. He threw both hands in the air. The officers surrounded him, he gave them his hand which the shortest among them gladly cuffed. They kept muttering some words which he didn’t hear, his mind was far away from his body at that moment. 
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