Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 5


Nenita was glad that her ‘dad’ can see again, she couldn’t hide her joy, she was the happiest girl on earth at that moment. Tomas was also happy, he never dreamt he’d see again, he hope he’d regain his lost memory real soon. Nenita hugged him tightly the moment she set her eyes on him. 
Nenita: daaaaddddyyy 
Tomas: Nenita? Is that you Nenita? (in a very excited tune)
 Nenita: yes daddy! You can see me now? 
Tomas: of course baby……(turning to Angelo) thanks alot sir, i appreciate all you’ve done for me, i’d never forget this….. 
Angelo: you’ar thanking me for the fifth time….. 
Tomas: i don’t mind doing it a thousand time over. 
Angelo: (smiled) 
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 The prison guards were on their usual routine checks when they saw a prisoner lying next to the door, thick white liquid drooling from his mouth. 
Guard1: Jim, can you see that? (pointing)
 Guard2: he seem to be having an attack, quick! let take him to the hospital before he dies in here.
 Guard1: we’d be dead if he does……you know he’s the Mayor’s son!!! 
Guard2: you talk too much……. They carried him to the prison emergency car and zoomed off to the national hospital. 
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 The national hospital is a very big one, actually, the biggest hospital in the Philippine, when it comes to size of labor, state of the art facilities and phisical size. Making impersonation a very easy thing. Samuel bought some doctor kits and other necessary stuffs. The hospital has alot of entrances, but anybody bringing a patient must pass through the reception hall. A very big hall, housing over 150 receptionists. 
Samuel sat with a receptionist, they were getting along pretty well. He fed her with lies, how he studied cardiology in the university, struggled to get a job in this hospital blah blah blah…….. Few minutes past 9pm, four armed policemen brought a ‘sick’ person, samuel knew it was no other than Isaiah. But why four policemen? Not even two!!! Gosh! Hope their escape would go smoothly.
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Samuel: morning beauty. Receptionist: there you go again.
 Samuel: you spent the night here? 
Receptionist: uhm….yeap, but today is my work free day, wanna hang out? 
Samuel: yeee… (stressing the ‘yes’) but that should be in the evening….er what ward is the police’ patient? 
Receptionist: why? Are you some spy? 
Samuel: no…no no, just curious…. 
Receptionist: if you say so….. He’s in special ward 4.
 Samuel: floor? 
Receptionist: lemme check. She flipped through some pages of a very large book, then finally heaved a sigh of relieve….. 
Receptionist: third floor.
 Samuel: thanks you’ar the best! Er i need to use the rest room, i’d be back before you know it. He picked up his bag from the rest room, and got clad in a white ‘doctor coat’, white glasses rested on his nose and a stethoscope hunged freely from his neck. He took the elevator and soon arrived the third floor.
 After minutes of wandering, he found the a hall way with ‘special wards’ boldly written on it. He located the 4th ward ASAP. Two policemen were at the entrance to the ward, ‘only God knows how many are inside’ he told himself. 
Police 1: morning doc. 
Samuel: i’m here to attend to the patient in there. 
Police 2: its not up to 5minutes he was examined by another doc. 
Samuel: i know….that same doc sent me here. if you don’t mind….. 
Police 2: wait! Whats in that bag of yours? 
Samuel: medical stuffs. 
Police 2: can we see it?
 Samuel: no you can’t! 
Police 1: i insist. 
Samuel: don’t tell me a doc is also a suspect? 
Police 1: whatever! Go in already, hey make it snappy. Samuel went in, Isaiah was still asleep. He(samuel) scanned the entire ward, no other exit except the one being guarded by the cops. The only window was in the adjoining rest room, but the window was very narrow, and they are on the third floor, not even a super hero can make it alive, jumping off the window. 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉