Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 23


Isabella came in, clad in a red lacy panties and a cleavage revealing bra. She also wore a long white transluscent robe to cover for the meantime. We drove to a store where we got her a sexy mask, which coverage extends only to her eyes and nose. First to prevent Adrian from recognizing her and also the owners of the club ‘coz she wasn’t a registered stripper. In no time we were at NIGHT OWL STRIPPERS CLUB. We paid the bouncers and went in, we were to stick together, while Isabella alone goes to Adrian. He was sighted sitting in an angle, having swell time with another stripper.
 Mark: here we go! Here is the bug, plant it on his bare skin. Goodluck *winks* 
 she collected the skin-color paper like material from Mark. She was ready to employ her feminine charm, first to drive the other stripper away, and then to gain Adrian’s attention, she can’t afford to fail!!! She heaved a big sigh and made for the ladies where she got rid of the robe. Before approaching Adrian. 
Isabella: hey bìtch! Thats my man, warn off. 
Stripper: and why should i believe you huh?
 Isabella: because if you don’t, i’d give you a dose of my poison. Adrian was about saying something when She shut him up in a hot kiss, which he really enjoyed, he haven’t experienced this in a while. He eagerly responded to her kisses. Roaming his hands through her soft flesh. The other stripper was flooded with jealousy, she bounced out of them angrily. Isabella also ran her fingers through his body, but with a purpose different from Adrian’s. She succeeded in plastering the sticky bug on the left side of his neck. Adrian was getting heat up with the whole scenario. He allowed his hands into her thighs, he was penetrating her inner thighs when she stopped him intellectually. She pecked him on the forehead. 
Isabella: its gonna be a hell of a ride tonight baby! I’d be right back. Adrian couldn’t bring himself to utter a word, the heavenly feeling of her bøøbs against his clothed chest, in a sitting position got him arrested. He only smiled foolishly. “bastärd” Isabella cursed when she was out of earshot. She got her robe from the ladies, signalled Isaiah and co before dashing out….. 
Mark: how did it go? 
Isabella: mission accomplished, shall we? 
Samuel: oh yes we can………can I get around 
All : hell no
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 It was a sober night for every member of the Angelo family, both great and small. There weren’t sure if Nikky would ever be found, given the circumstances- she was shot before being thrown in water. She might have bled to death already! The worry looks were begining to be displaced by the dawn of a new day. But Nenita was an exception as she locked herself up in the room, her cries where audible. All efforts to console her proved abortive. She still can’t accept she’ve lost her sweet mother for good. She now have a black picture of the people around her -unfriendly Lana, wicked grandpa who sent them out of the house! If he haven’t done that, perhaps her mum wouldn’t have died. Tomas knocked for the umptheenth time, yet Nenita showed no sign of letting anyone in…. 
Tomas: open please baby, its daddy! She opened because it was Tomas, he is the only family she’ve got now. 
Tomas: you’ar still crying? No one said mum is dead yet, they are still searching for her. how about we go to the park? You like it there right? 
Nenita: *nods* 
Tomas: good, park we shall go.
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Tomas: would you like to go horse riding? 
Nenita: no, bouncing castle. He bought the ticket and Nenita was allowed into the castle. It was gonna take some minutes, he decided to take a walk…. He almost stumbled into a woman on his way. 
Woman: hey watch it….
 Tomas: sorry, i went off the blues. He raised his head and his eyes met a shiny necklace, the necklace looked so familiar, it rang an alarm in his head but he couldn’t place it. 
Woman: (thinking he was staring lustfully) everything okay? 
Tomas: yes….. He turned to leave, she noticed a love shaped tattoo on his arm, with the letter ‘K’ in the love shape. No this can’t be coincidence, it must be her husband, she remembered him drawing the tattoo, the letter ‘K’ represent her name, KATE. 
Kate: (Ella’s mum) Julio? The name julio also rang an alarm on Tomas’ head, flashes of his lost memories were begining to visit him……. . . . .