Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 22


I watched as Rodelio sent two bullets into Nikky before throwing her helpless body into the water. Poor me! I couldn’t do anything to save her….please don’t ask why. 
Me: Noooo Nikkkky!!! Two uniformed men came out of nowhere, pointing their guns to Rodelio. 
Officer1: your gun down and your hands in the….. He couldn’t finish his sentence when Rodelio took to his heels. The two officers kept shooting whilst chasing him, all to no avail as he got into his car and drove off…… Nikky’s blood stained the tar road. I wish i was able to save her but its all too late. In my sober state, i made to jump off the bridge, perhaps to rescue her. Two hands gripped me tightly when i was about jumping. At that very moment, all the sweet memories Nikky and i shared right from grade 1 days came into my head like a flash…. She was such a good friend, dunno what polluted her mind when she was in the states ‘coz its after her return that this whole idea of obsession kicked in…. 
Voice: don’t do it sir….. 
Me: leave me alone! Just let me be would you? 
Voice: if you jump sir, you would end up taking your own life. Some senses started playing in me, the person was right, the bridge was damñ high, my fall would have been fatal. 
Voice: i’m officer Ricky my colleague and i are guards here in the resort and we’ve deployed our Marine team to do the search….do you know that guy? 
Me: yes i do, he is Rodelio Crisanto. 
Officer: hope you wouldn’t mind following us for a few questioning?
 Me: yeah! I know how your ‘questioning’ goes. 
Officer 2: we promise to keep it cool…. 
Me: i can answer all your questions here and now.
 Officer: fine, lets have a seat then. We walked to a shade, in the resort, where we occupied the available seats. 
Officer: why do you think he took her life? 
Me: i think he didn’t want her to leak a secret…. 
Officer 2: what secret could that be? 
I went ahead to explain everything i knew to them; the love triangle, Ella’s kidnap and so on.
 Officer: thanks for your corperation, mister? 
Me: Isaiah,,,,,if you want, i can take you to her house?
 Officer: yes please. We drove in my car, to Nikky’s apartment. We met Nenita and a man who introduced himself as Tomas. I left them there while i left for my house. Worst day ever!!! Yesterday i was thinking by now i might have been with my Ella, and perhaps also know who Nenita’s dad is, all is nothing but empty hope and wishes.
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Samuel: its such a pity, i swear if i ever get that Rodelio guy, i’d strangle him to death!!! 
Mark: you f—-d up! You could have atleast did something! 
Me: i had no weapon you dumphead….. 
Mark: if you had memorised his plate number, the police could have planted gps tracker on it!!! 
Me: yeah i know….anyway what brings you both here by this time of the day? 
Samuel: you’ve spotted a club where Adrian was clubbing late at night, we want to plant a bug on him today! Hopefully, he’d lead us to Rodelio. 
Me: great i idea, what are we waiting for, lets go! 
Mark: there’s a little hitch, its a stripper club and we’d need a stripper to plant the bug. 
Me: i’m sure we can convince one…. 
Mark: doesn’t sound good,,,,,maybe Isabella can…..
 Me:Isa…. what? No, i won’t let that happen. 
Voice: i’d do it! We all turned to see Isabella standing by the door adjorning the inner hallway.
 Samuel: how long have you been there? 
Isabella: long enough to hear you….. 
Mark: should we get you the kits? So we can go now? Time isn’t by us.
 Isabella: i have what to wear. 
Me: have you done this before?
 Isabella: not really….guys, i’d be right back, i’m off to get my stripper wear!!!
 To be continued