Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 21


Nikky drove back to their family house, only to be welcomed by the angry ranting figure of her father. 
Angelo: you worthless daughter! Where are you coming from huh?
 Nikky: Isaiah’s.
 Angelo: you went against my instructions, as if that wasn’t enough, you went ahead to celebrate the victory of my enemies? Don’t you have any respect left for me, your father?
 Nikky:…….. She made to leave the living room, her dad gripped her by the arm. 
Angelo: where do you think you’ar going? I don’t want to see you here ever again!!! 
Carolyne: Angelo!
 Nikky: its okay mum, i’d leave, besides i have my own house. 
Tomas: calm down sir…….
 Angelo: you’ar such a disgrace, don’t forget i gave you all the life you’ar living!!! 
Nikky: yes i know, and am grateful for that…..Neni, lets go. She held Nenita by the hand leading her to the room, so they can get their stuffs ready. The readable expression on Nikky’s face wasn’t that of a worry, she was glad she did the right thing and nothing would stop her from continuing it. By helping Isaiah out, perhaps her conscience would stop battling her after that. Ella was been kept in a warehouse, far away from the main city. And about Nenita, she didn’t know who her father is, She was raped that fateful night…..
She planned pinning everything on Isaiah, because she loved him and also in a bid to clear the messy situation, but she only made things worst and she’s ready to clear the mess she created. 
Nenita: is grandpa a bad person? 
Nikky: no he is not, he is only mad at mummy for a while, you know just like kids, when they do something wrong, they get punished right? 
Nenita: how long would your punishment last? 
Nikky: maybe a day or two…..lets go! 
Angelo watched as they walked out of the house. He felt guilty but his mind was already made up, no going back. 3:45pm Nikky made sure the house was kept in order as if she was expecting a high and mighty visitor, well Isaiah had been her friend right from toddler age, thats reason enough for him to earn her special treatment. She had already prepared his favorite food. She was serving it in the dinning room, when her phone rang, she was excited, thinking it was Isaiah calling but her excitement was tossed away on seeing the caller I.D it was no other than Rodelio. She hesitated but finally picked up since he showed no sign of giving up. 
Nikky: what do you want from me? 
Rodelio: aaaww i’d take that as a ‘good day greeting’ hey can we meet up, i’ve got something important to discuss with you. 
Nikky: no we can’t,,,,,i’m busy! 
Rodelio: promise! It won’t take 15minutes, i’d be expecting you at the resort by your house. 
Nikky: fine…. 
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The distance from her house to the resort was trekkable, the two places were only separated by a bridge made across an angry flowing river. 
Nikky: mummy wants to see someone, i’d be back soon okay? 
Nenita: yes mum. While on her way to the resort centre, she meet Rodelio on the bridge and they started walking together.
 Rodelio: i thought you wouldn’t come. 
Nikky: i’m here now….. 
Rodelio: what you said on the phone yesterday, concerning telling Isaiah everything. You don’t mean it do you? 
Nikky: of course i do, i advice you let go of Ella, else face the wrath of law. He pinned her to the edge of the bridge. 
Rodelio: you would do no such…. 
Nikky: (gasping) think am scared of you? Let go!
 Rodelio: i can finish you here, you don’t want that do you? 
Nikky: i’m not changing my mind, let go! He released her, but she didn’t take a third step away from him when he pulled the trigger, sending bullets into her, he then threw her off the bridge, into the water. Isaiah recognized Nikky and Rodelio. The gun was shot before he could alight