Broken Seal ~Episode 5


I sat on my black swivel chair, turning 360-degree. At the same time, battling with avalanche of ideas none of which i deemed fit. What was i even thinking? Why did i forget am the head of marketing in a shoe making company? Ella is indeed a memory wiper!!! I went to thd CEO and suggested we advertise our CVO sneakers. 
CEO: i’d think about it. 
Me: its really important we do it today! 
CEO: why the rush? Its not good to rush business issues. 
Me: (save me the lecture) its really important we do it today, from my records, it seems we are lossing to our rivals….moreso, the radio station in question is observing their annual promo, therefore, the cost of advert placement is greatly discounted. This would save our company some cash (all lies)
 CEO: always smart business wise, from the day i first met you, i knew you had this company’s best interest. 
Me:(liar, i know you have a crush on me, sorry doors closed) does that mean…..? 
CEO: how much do you need for it? 
Me: let that rest for now, when am done with the advert, you can increase my salary. 
CEO: hmmmm 
me: okay, gotta go now!
I took a cab, and within 15minutes, i found myself at the entrance of the radio house. Ella was waiting for me, outside. 
Me: pretty! Pretty!! Wow! Wow! You look prettier than i remember! 
Ella: (smiling) yeah, thats ‘coz i had a facial surgery last night. 
Me: (smiling) i was the surgeon? She led me to the advert and sponsorship department, i hurriedly did what was required of me-lunch must not pass me by, thats my mission in the first place. 
Minutes later, i was done then went straight to Ella’s office. As a presenter, they do run shifts and its now her turn to have lunch-hmmmm, just in time!!! After alot of persuations, sweet talking and baby facing, she agreed to go on a lunch date with me!!! It was fun all through, Ella is never boring!!!
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Mother Naomi, as shes been called by the kids under her care, sat on a stool in the compound, with her medicated glasses properly glued to her eyes. She’s clad in her usual Nun wear, you’d hardly see her on casuel clothes. She held a christian women mag, scanning through it meticulously. She’s not a good reader, but she loves reading, though she don’t understand a greater percentage of the words used. Catastro-stro-p-fi…. She tried pronouncing ‘catastrophic’ but was having some difficulty, she stopped her attempt half-way when she heard a thud that even a blind man can tell that someone fell down. The first person that came to her mind was Tomas, yes blind Tomas. She turned abruptly, she was right! Tomas laid on the ground helplessly, waving his right hand at no one in particular. 
Naomi: oh my! Tomas, why did you try coming out alone? She arked, as she tried raising his heavily built body from the ground. 
Tomas: its too hot in there, i need some fresh air….. 
Naomi: the best you would have done is call someone’s attention. She held his hands and made him seat on one of the stools. 
Tomas: you know, i’m nothing but a burden here, just look at me, i can’t do anything on my own, i must some help one way or the other, for how long would i continue like this? I’m tired of my life am fed up!!! He replied softly, with teary blind eyes. 
Naomi: i understand how you feel, but hey all hope is not lost, the doctor said if you can get proper treatment, you’d see again. 
Tomas: yes i know, but where would we get money for the surgery? 
Naomi: God would provide….. Roughly ten years ago, Tomas, a 40-year old man, was involved in a ghastly motor crash, all the people in both vehicles died except Tomas, who got blind in both eyes instead. Mother Naomi was on her way to the orphanage on that fateful day, when she witnessed the whole incident. Only Tomas was still breathing, she then took him to the orphanage clinic, where his injuries were treated. But he lost two important things, his sight and his memory. After his treatment he started living in the orphanage ‘coz nobody claimed him, and he dont remember his past
Days passed really fast, everything was going well, the communication line with Ella was kept as fresh and alive as ever. Samuel just dropped me, we were in his home for the past three hours, planning for his upcoming birthday, it promise to be superb! Lying on a sofa, i forced myself to sleep, but it was far away from me. I was rather deep in thoughts, just then i head a knock. I strode to the door, i was surprised by what i saw!!! Can you guess who that is?