Broken Seal ~Episode 4


Ella came at exactly 8:09pm yeah, i checked the time, no i mean i was checking at intervals. 
Ella: sorry for coming late, i got stucked in traffic. 
Me: (smiling) its okay, i was thinking you wouldn’t make it. 
Ella: i keep my words! 
A waiter dressed in white and black came by and gave us the menu. 
Me: give me…… 
Ella: i’d have……. *we spoke at the same time* 
me: ladies first 
Ella: let me have hot Bulalo. 
Waiter: sir, your order please 
Me: i’d also have bulalo, with some fruit juice. 
The waiter served us and left….we started eating, as silence invaded the atmosphere.
 Ella: hey! What are you staring at? You’ar making someone uneasy here. *I had been staring right into her eyes* 
me: you’ar the most beautiful creature i’ve ever seen. 
Ella: hmmm thank you….you aiint looking bad too.
 Me: (just say it, am handsome!) you know Ella, we have alot in common, first Ck is our favorite and now, we both love bulalo, i’m sure there are a whole lot of things we have in common. 
Ella: (smiling) hmmmmm. 
We continued talking, i got to know she is a presenter in a radio company located in my street!!! She misplaced her debit card, reason she couldn’t pay for her shopping earlier. 
Its now few minutes past 9pm, Ella was getting sleepy and said she needed some rest. 
Me: we’re gonna do this again right? 
Ella: no way!!! We agreed on a one day dinner and this is it. 
Me: common, i enjoyed your company alot and aiint we friends already?
 Ella: okay i’d think about it, but hey there is no date set for it yet. 
Me: thats my cinderalla….can i get a hug?(i honestly don’t know when that escaped my mouth) 
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Ella: hey i’m not your cinderella…..infact i’m not Cinderella am Ella! 
Me: okay ma’am….how about the hug?(smiling) 
Ella: in your dreams.
 Me: i think i should start dreaming right away!
 Ella: shall we? *i stood up to hug her* 
Ella:uh-oh wrong interpretation, i meant shall we go now? We held hands and walked out of the eatery in the speed less than a snail’s. On our way going, i guess she stumbled or something, she almost fell, i was just in time to stop her from kissing the ground. I wrapped my arms round her lower abdomen, we remained in that position for seconds, as if we were being remoted. 
Ella: (disengaging) hummn let go… 
Me: you almost fell, you should be grateful. 
Ella: (smiling) yeah thanks. 
We took a cab from there, first to Ella’s house, before heading for my ‘castle’. I couldn’t take Ella off my mind, she became the centre of my thoughts, as i laid on the bed. If i close my eyes i see her, open them and shes gone, i was hallucinating until the gentle voice of sleep called me. 
This morning isn’t any different, i wasn’t myself, i wore one-legged socks to work, my signature even changed for the first time today. Whats wrong with me? I’m i in love already? I think about Ella virtually every minute. Its almost lunch time, maybe i can have lunch with her! But would she give in? There is nothing wrong in trying right? *on the phone with Ella* 
Me: hi Ella 
Ella: hello, how was your night?
 Me:(good to know you care) it was rossy and yours?
 Ella: mine was dreamy, so whatsup with you? 
Me:(dreamy? Did you dream of me?) uhm…..are you at work? 
Ella: yes why? Me:(easy baby!) i want to advertise something, and i chose the radio station where you work! 
Ella: thats great news! It would be our pleasure to do that. 
Me: okay, i’d be there in few minutes. 
Ella: bye! I’d be waiting *hunged up* 
Its after the line went dead that i realise what i just said, WTF! Why didn’t i go straight to the point? What do i have to advertise? Should i call her back and tell her its cancelled? That would be totally crazy!!! :::::::::
To be continued:::::::::::