Broken Seal~Episode 3


Cashier: (returning my debit card) here sir….i’m done deducting the amount your purchase is worth. 
Me: uhm….deduct that(pointing to the ‘arrogant lady) lady’s debt, from my account. I don’t know what made me utter that, i guess its ‘coz of what a hot high school teacher once taught me; she said “pay evil with good and you’d see the good following you” its high time i put that into practice. 
Cashier: are you sure sir? 
Me: yes i am(get to work already!) The cashier deducted 100,000 peso (philippine currency) from my account. What!!! This lady did some big time shopping knowing fully well she can’t pay? She should be thankful angels like me still exist. 
As i was walking away, i heard (faintly) the cashier informing Ms. Arrogant that i had taken care of her debt and she’s free. I reduced my pace with the hope that she would atleast say ‘thank you’ but no she didn’t, she’s  not only arrogant but also ungrateful! I was already out of the premises, trying to board a cab when i heard ‘hey mister’ i swiftly turned to face the direction where the voice came from. Agreed am not the only ‘mister’ on the street but i was ‘thank you’ hungry. My instincts never fail me, it was ‘ms arrogant’ and she was refering to me. Before she called i had memorised the lines i’d pour out on her, telling her how rude and ungrateful she is, but the moment i stared right into those green eyes of hers, i lost my words she is sooooo beautiful, i stood spellbound before her like a dullard. 
Ms arrogant: uhm…i wanna say thank you! Ahah! Exactly what i wanted, but i’ve changed my mind, i’d take my chances in being friends with her. 
Me: (pretending to have heard nothing) what was that? 
Ms arrogant: i said thank you! For helping me out earlier. 
Me: huh? Have you gotten rid of your allergy already? 
Ms arrogant: i only stopped to say thank you, gotta go now 
Me: (no…..noooo!!!) i won’t accept this kinda ‘thank you’
 ms arrogant: really? What kinda ‘thank you’ do you want? 
Me: dinner tonight? (hope it works) 
ms arrogant: i don’t go out with…… 
Me: (cutting her short) 7pm at paco park restuarant 
ms arrogant: are you indirectly asking me out? 
Me: (yes!….yes!!) hell no! Who would date an arrogant lady like you? 
Ms arrogant: i’m not arrogant!!! 
Me: prove it tonight…..over dinner. 
Ms arrogant: only tonight. 
Me:(yeah it worked!) may i have your phone digits? Reluctantly, she collected my phone and inputed some digits,  She didn’t fake her number. 
Ms arrogant: the name is Ella 
Me: Isaiah…..i’d be expecting you! 
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I arrived home at 5:30pm, i can’t wait to have my first ‘date’ with Ella, is it really a date? Well what else can you call it? Time moved very sluggishly, i wish i could fast forward the time! To while away time, i switched on my play station (PS) video game and started playing my favorite game, Grand Theft Auto V,  my alarm ranged, i knew its 6:30pm already, i rushed to take my bath and got clad in red tux and black trouser. Dressed my hair pretty well and baptised with perfume.
 I arrived at paco restaurant and had the attendant fix a table for two, while i ordered for a bottle of red wine to keep myself ‘busy’ till Ella arrives. I inhaled a sweet and sophisticated perfume around me, hmmmm who could that be if not Ella? I turned, only to be welcomed by a strange face, mtcheeew! 
Lady: hi handsome, can i seat here? 
Me: (yes but not today!) uhm…..actually, am not single for the night!
 Lady: you’ar with your girlfriend? 
Me: kinda
 lady: nice meeting you…..Chloe 
me: Isaiah *handshake*
 chloe:have a swell time then? 
Me: have fun *walks away* Its now 7:35pm yet Ella didnt show up, do you think she’d make it? :::::
To be continued::::