Broken Seal ~Episode 12


​what!!! I almost screamed when i saw the public display of romance. Isabella never told me she was in town, moreso i didn’t know she had a boyfriend. 
Me: Sam, why did you call her a cheat? 
Samuel: ‘coz shes my girlfriend….just kidding. 
Me: you better be…..excuse me guys! I walked over to where Isabella was seated, she was abit shocked to see me, her countenance showed it all. Isabell: (forcing a smile) hi bro uhm…meet kalvin my friend, kelvin, meet my big bro. After the little introduction, she held my hand and led the way outside… 
Me: you’re supposed to be in school!!! 
Isai: uhm yeah, but no lectures today, i decided to hangout 
Me: who is that guy? 
Isai: my boyfriend!
 Me: like seriously? 
Isai: like yeah (smiling) 
Me: hope nothing have happened between you both?
 Isai: alot 
Me: i’d pretend not to have heard that! 
Isai: just kidding! 
Me: you should get going, someone is waiting for you (winks) 
Isabella: right! I’d be home shortly (walking back inside) 
Me: hey silly girl, i shouldn’t see you kissing again!!! I went back to my friends, we talked alot about nothing in particular. Why is it that time travels at the speed of light when you are having a nice day? Its 2pm already, Isabella had left, to god knows where. Samuel paid for everything, then we exited the bar. I dropped Samuel and Christian at their various locations before heading home. 
Isai laid on the couch, with her mouth slightly opened, poor girl, she must have been exhausted. I wasn’t any exception, i too was tired. I located my room and collapsed on the bed, gotta catch some sleep before seeing my baby later. @7PM
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 Rodelio had his boys clean up his black porsche, he would be seeing his Ella today, he never told her about his visit ‘coz its meant to be a surprise. He took his bath, dressed his short black hair to the side and got clad in black tux matched with black shades, all very sophisticated. The aura of his cologne filled the air. He looked like a perfect gentleman. He drove slowly and steadily towards Ella’s residence. Of cours he is with his ‘whisper of death’ as he always call his silver coated semi-automatic pistol. He never fail to take it with him ever since a rival gang almost took him out. He escaped by whiskers, thanks to his mastery of martial arts. 
Isabella: are you going out again? She asked, probably ‘coz i was dressed up. 
Me: yup, i wanna see my baby (i whispered) 
Isabella: hmmm….i should invite my kelvin to come over right away! 
Me: to my house? I’d kill you (jovially) 
Isai: (laughing) don’t stay too long okay? And make sure you get something for her. 
Me: i’ve heard you!!! I dashed out, just like Isai advised, i bought two cans of chocolate ice cream on my way to Ella’s. I pulled over by the pathway when i saw Ella on the street she was no doubt having word battle with whoever is in that car, which she stood next to. I walked over to her and asked what the problem was. 
Ella: (supsrisingly hugging me) welcome dear! (disengaging the hug) Rodelio, meet my boyfriend. Isaiah, lets go. Of a truth i was confused, whats with the rush? But i followed her! 
Me: who is dude? 
Ella: an annoy ex. 
Me: you know you shouldnt have pulled up that act, it got him pissed. It seems he still loves you, do you feel same? 
We were already in their compound with me leaning against a fence, Ella rested both hands on each of my shoulder blades, staring right into her eyes, i could see love in there. 
Ella: its you i love, i love you totally, not an iota left. 
Me: i love you moreee honey. 
At this point, we were about having our first kiss, the feeling was WOW, our lips are only inches apart, i closed my eyes and tilted my head sideways, her breath was getting warmer and warmer on me, i lips almost touched until….. 
Voic: hmmm-hummm *clears throat*