Phobia Of Love ~Episode 2


​“Ehm,i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt you resemble mum’s sister,and i want to tell you that i love …your style and mode of dressing” Den added. 
“Is that all you want to say?” Elizabeth questioned. 
“No,not really and moreover you have’nt tell me your name and i have told you mine” he said that at his “fake-hearted” manner 
“Ok i’m Elizabeth but my friends call me lizzy” she said that in her lady-like mode of speaking {And as at this time Elizabeth knows that she had been wasting much time with Den on standing so she’s been eager to end the “No- Sense” story she’s having with him because she knows where denilson will end up his “‘beating round the bush”‘ discussion} 
“Hmmm Elizabeth,wh ao! That a nice name indeed and i love that,so where are you and your friends heading to in this scorching sun and don’t you mind if i keep your company”Den said this out of fear 
“I think those questions are none of your “bizz” coz it is a story for the gods”Elizabeth said that as she walk out of the class as she leaves denilson on standing at the entrance of the class. 
*Oh my goodness,see the way this girl behaved at me as if she is tonto dikeh*denilson thought ” well den it seems you too have spoken too much”” he said that to himself As he was returning back to the class,Ramena and Justice were laughing on seeing him coming with sadness mixed with anger on his face. 
“Ehn ehn what funny”Denilson asked the two of them angrily 
“Nothing Den we just felt that babe narrated the story wella about your destiny”Ramena said that as he laughed again. 
“And who among you has the “effrontery” to withstand her authority not to talk of her dating you”Den said that in a triumph manner. 
“Well bro you right,but as for me i have a crush on her but i cant go because i maintain my “unstained integrity”Justice said that in a submissive manner. 
“Justice, don’t say that” ramena said “afterall we all love this lady but due to our phobia we kept mute and moreover this atmosphere is not conducive for this kind of discussion when we get to the hostel,we will sort things out”he added. 
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************************** {At night,in their room,denilson and ramena were found arguing over elizabeth matter} 
“NO NO NO i won’t accept that,she’s mine Ramena yelled at Denilson 
“It’s mine and i will not share my baby with anyone coz i happened to be the first person to talk to her*Denilson yelled in return 
“Ssskkkkrrriissshhh,it okay guys,let settle this amicably,lets leave this babe alone”Justice said that as he tried to come in between them. 
“Jussy what you said does not concerns me” Denilson said that angrily
 “And as for you (he faces ramena) i will show you that Elizabeth will be mine not yours!! he said that and storms out of the room 
“And i will let you know that you will be here when she will be mine at last”Ramena yelled back at Denilson as he watches him going out (Justice faces ramena)
” Guy it ok now we’re more than friends 
“No problem Justice i will let Denilson know that THE BATTLE LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN. 
(to be continued.)