Broken Glass Season 2 Episode 2


The traffic in town wasn’t so bad , I got home earlier than I expected . I couldn’t imagine what my eyes saw . Dorothy, and she was already dressed and I presumed she was going somewhere.
” And where are you going all dressed Dorothy dear ” , I was eager to find out so I asked her .
” For our dinner night of course Cece ” she responded rounding her eye balls like a little girl in love . I laughed really hard .
” This reminds me of our teenage days . Tray – see , please get dressed because you know Dorothy would never change. It happened years back , you remember ?. Yes ! history was repeating itself. Brian was trying to remind me , already dressed too.
” Oh you are so unbelievable lady ! ” I said furiously walking to our bedroom . I heard her laughing , so annoying !
I met Mrs Jane , my mother in – law on my way to the bedroom . I greeted her but I didn’t like her response . I asked her how she was and if she had not eaten yet because we were having dinner out . She said she was fine and had eaten already and told us to enjoy our dinner date . I wasn’t so happy . Why was mum like this ?
I took my bath and was dressed in no time . I joined Brian and ” unbelievable ” Dorothy. I couldn’t make her stay home. I didn’t’ have the heart to do that. Dorothy and Theresa , my little sister were almost the same age and their characters were alike . Just that Dorothy was hard working and Theresa my sister didn’t like anything close to that .
” All set , I think we can leave now ” I told them . As usual Brian had something to say with the way I looked .
We had lots of fun . Laughing , joking ; very nice time together . Dinner was good because we were all hungry , especially me.
When we got back home , mum was already asleep . We all took our baths . Dorothy went to bed first . She didn’t watch t.v like was usual of her . She said those days were history and I couldn’t help but tease her .
Brian and I talked about my presentation and how it went and everything . We talked and talked late into the night like we didn’t have to go to work the following day .
Weeks went by and everything was great until that Friday evening . It was one of those days where i came back from work very tired . Dorothy had gone to spend the weekend with her mum , Aunty Betty . Mum joined me in preparing supper. I set the table and as usual , after we were done eating , i took the plates to the kitchen to wash them. I was tired and had been having this unusual itch all over . I had this feeling I was getting fat . I needed to try exercising , I thought . I decided to take my bath first then after , wash the dishes . I left for my room. As soon as I was done bathing , I came back to wash the dishes and again mum had tried washing them but not properly . I took them and begun washing again .
Just then , mum walked in and saw me quietly washing the dishes.
” Bam ” all of a sudden , mum went out of the kitchen after she saw me washing the dishes . I heard her slam her bedroom door . She cried loudly in her room . I got worried .
Just then , Brian came to the kitchen upon hearing the noise and asked me what was going on but as I was about explaining to him , he rushed to mum’s room . I followed him.
Brian wouldn’t tell me anything that night . He looked worried. I laid by his side. I spoke to him and asked him so many questions but he ignored me . I got angry , screamed ,
” what did I do wrong Brian ” ? Then he turned and stared at me .
” Can’t you just give in to her once ? We couldn’t possibly die eating from a bowl however unclean it is , right ” ? . I began to sob , I buried my face in my pillow . I knew sleep was far away from me …
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I couldn’t sleep well , tossing on bed. Morning came fast , I checked and Brian wasn’t in bed; i realised he was awake already. I stepped into the bathroom to shower. I wanted to get some cold water rushing through my body so I could forget the event that took place last night . After I had taken my bath , I dressed up to prepare breakfast but met mum and Brian at breakfast already in the dinning. Mum was serving him breakfast and you could just see how happy she was seeing him eating breakfast . I was holding my hair up as I joined them. ( I walked to Brian , held him on the shoulder and stood behind him )
Me : Good morning dear.
Good morning mum .I greeted them both. But I was surprised they didn’t respond and Brian tilted his body in the chair to tell me I was bothering him .  I felt so sorry for myself . But then , I got the strength. I sat to join them at the table.
Mum kept staring reprimanding stares at me for having failed to perform my duty as a wife . After that incident , for a long period of time , mum did not speak to me . You could just feel that there was this awkward feeling in the house. To avoid the embarrassing breakfast situation , I resorted to buying my own breakfast on my way to work.
Work was smooth but my mood gave me out like it did whenever I was worried . I missed Brian ; how we both used to be . I didn’t understand why these should come between us . I came home with the same mood I had left home for work with . Thankfully , Dorothy was back and supper was ready when I got home but all of a sudden , I lost appetite. I was a bit okay knowing she was around.
” Mum sends her regards ” she told me in the kitchen.
” I hope they are all doing good dear ? ” I asked her .
” Yes Cece , everyone is fine but are you okay yourself ? ” She realised it too .
” I’m not feeling too well Dorothy but I’ll be fine dear , thanks and no need to worry yourself ” . I smiled faintly. I took my bath and off I went to bed.
I didn’t even notice when Brian arrived from work because I had been asleep for quiet a long time . That night , while in bed , I woke up when I saw him. He looked really upset; then he asked me .
” Tracy , he mentioned my name just like normal , is it because you think that mum’s cooking is not clean that’s why you choose not to eat at home anymore?
My mouth dropped open , I was lost for words. He turned to his side .I was in tears as feeling of unfairness overwhelmed me . Then he turned around after a few minutes and then he said, ” Tracy , just for me , can you have breakfast at home “? . And then he went back to sleep . I was left with no choice than to return to joining them at breakfast.
With the sudden change in attitude , I couldn’t feel the Joy I felt at first any longer.
That morning ,we all sat at breakfast . Dorothy was running late for church and since she was an usher, I gave her some money to go ahead while we joined her later .She took a few spoons of porridge and rushed to get ready . I was having porridge prepared by mum and then suddenly , I felt a churn in my stomach. Everything inside me seemed to be rushing up my throat . Tried as hard as I did to suppress the urge to throw up , I couldn’t. Just then , I rushed into the washroom ; vomiting everything.
I saw mum crying as I was catching my breath , she was grumbling very loudly in her dialect and crying . Brian stood staring at me from the washroom door way with anger . I tried to say something but the words failed to come out . I wanted to tell him , I really did not mean it .
We had our very first big fight that day. Mother looked at us , then she stood up and slowly made her way out of the house. Brian gave me a final stare in the eye and followed mother down the stairs . I couldn’t do anything , I didn’t understand anything and I missed church ;I threw myself in the couch…
To be continued…