Broken glass Season 2 Episode 1


When I got to our bedroom , Brian was coughing very hard . He had been waiting for me to get the glass of water for him and there I was , washing the plates mum claimed she had washed . The truth , they weren’t neatly washed and I didn’t see anything wrong with washing them again. He took the glass and smiled . I sensed he was trying to act naughty because he didn’t drink too much water and he looked at me in a way I quickly understood.
” Why do i have this feeling that you tricked me Brian , huh “?.I asked him laughing . ” Yes dear , just a little walk to the kitchen won’t kill , would it ” ? Brian replied , raising his eye brows trying to tell me that it was intentional . I got so furious and hit him with my pillow . He was smart , he just grabbed me and started touching me all over , tickling me , i couldn’t control myself but laugh . Then Brian Hudson kissed me , we both were carried away and were somewhere in the clouds . We had been married for a year and it was natural and so normal we did this once in a while , right !
It was few minutes past eight in the morning when I checked the clock . I wasn’t so late for work but I knew Brian would be . I turned to his side and he was gone . I saw his wrist watch there , where he laid , then I realised he left in a hurry ; he was late . I laughed so much and made up my mind to tease him once he got back from work .
I quickly stepped in the bathroom , took my bath and was ready in no time . I got downstairs and there stood Dorothy stirring at me . Then I knew I was in trouble .
” Cece , see the time , oh am so late because of you and its my first day at lectures and am the latest comer ” Dorothy begun . She was about saying more when I cut in
” Oh Dorothy sweetheart , am so sorry , I’ll make it up to you okay , please . I had to beg her or else I’ll return to my own house with no supper for me . I knew Dorothy so well , she could use that as my punishment for making her late. She frowned without answering my questions . We got to my car and she went to open the gate , still a frown on her face . I was in big trouble , I just knew it .
The drive from home to her school was a smooth but a quite one , then she asked me this question that got me very worried .
Dorothy : Cece , did you see mum this morning ?
That reminded me , I hadn’t seen my mother in – law this morning neither did I greet her . But why would Dorothy ask such a question . I decided to give her an answer.
Me : No dear , I haven’t seen mum and I couldn’t greet her because obviously , I was late for work . Hey , hope there’s no problem ? Did she take breakfast with Brian this morning?
Dorothy : Yes she did , but I seriously think she wasn’t in a good mood at breakfast this morning . I think there’s a problem but I don’t know why she was like that. My aunty has this weird way of behaving sometimes and am really worried .
Dorothy’s words got me worried too but I knew mum , she was always full of drama and we both decided to watch her closely .
I alighted her at her school and as usual she reminded me of the promise I made to her that ” I’ll make it up to you ” . I smiled , and gave her a wave . At least , I knew my supper was secured . But i was still wondering and worried as I drove to work that morning…
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I had a presentation at work that morning and my mind was not so clear to allow my brains enough space to think. I had prepared adequately with Brian’s help and was sure i was going to be okay. But here I was , so worried! My Boss, Mr Bruce smiled at me , guess he saw that I wasn’t really okay. He walked to me and asked if all was well and if I could still do the presentation with the way I looked , worried ! Was it so obvious I was worried ? Oh Lord , I really need your help. I said as I prayed silently in my head.
” Sure Sir , I will , no need to worry at all , Mr Jamal ” as I used to call him. He smiled , I smiled back.
Immediately Mr Bruce left , my cell phone rung. I checked the caller and saw it was Brian . I took a long breath and then I picked it up.
(On the phone)
Brian: Hey Tray dear , ( clearing his throat ) . I hope you weren’t so late for work huh? And he was laughing.
I became speechless suddenly. Brian wasn’t mad at me like I was thinking . I quickly had to answer his question as he kept saying hello and hearing no response from me.
Me: Mmm ! Hello love , ermm , I wasn’t so late like you were dear. (this time I was laughing back at him ) , but I got my sweetheart in trouble and I alone know what bigger trouble awaits me at home tonight.
Brian: I knew it , Dorothy ! Tray you so going to starve today because she’s already told me everyone should get his and her own supper and she was very serious she wasn’t going to prepare supper today .
Me: Really !! I yelled , forgetting I was speaking to my husband . ” Oh am sorry dear ” I said when I came back to my senses . Dorothy was so unbelievable. But but…
(Then Brian cut in )
Brian : No need worrying Mrs Hudson jnr , dinner is on me. Am taking you out. Its a date then ? Hey love , all the best with your presentation . Am praying hard for you. Love you !
I was so happy , I jumped up with joy covering my mouth with my right hand .
Me : Yes yes , please pray for me , please love and its a date Mr Hudson , love you too. See you soon.( the line went dead)
What??? Thank you Lord Jesus !!
I picked up my file from Emilia’s desk , a colleague at the office then i made way for Mr Bruce’s office to get more updates on my presentation. I smiled all the way there.
Everything went well with the presentation thanks be to God and I was so tired and hungry. I got some snacks to chew , sat in my car , drove off to my home eager to go for a dinner date with my husband . Dorothy was not going. I was going to make sure she stayed at home and I hoped I succeed…
To be continued..