Broken – Episode Eight – “Letter”


She then decided to walk in, only to see Emily lying down in a pool of blood with a knife buried in her belly.

Just like that, that was the end of Emily. No one knew what happened but everything now lead to Sheila who found herself at the scene at the time of Emily’s father arrival.

One minute, Sheila has been alleged pregnant which led to her disappearance and now, out of nowhere, she just shows up right beside Emily’s corpse.

In shock, Emily’s father tried as much as possible to save his daughter by calling the ambulance to come to her rescue but unfortunately, they were late. Sheila sensing the danger she was in fled immediately to avoid being questioned and apprehended eventually.

In fear and trembling, she felt the need to be with someone who would trust her, the only person she could think of was her father. Not withstanding the fact that her father’s place would be the first place to look when they come looking for her.

Even with all these odds, she didn’t mind, she went ahead and went to her father but unfortunately she met his absence.

Wondering where her father could be, it was surprising too that all this while, her mother had scheduled a meeting with him in an unusual location where no one could find them.

Lady Vivian at this moment looked very nervous, as if she had done something wrong. This has been the exact way she acts anytime she finds herself in trouble. She also had no one to turn to other than her ex husband who seems to be the hero of the moment. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales Of Elton”. Download for free.

“Vivian, what did you do this time around? I don’t even know why you should call me in the first place. You cheated and abandoned me with your daughter just because I could not provide your high needs” Danny said.

You could tell from Vivian’s facial expression that she was so not in the mood to talk about the past. All she needed was Danny’s help.

“Oh you’re judging me right, when you have been sleeping with your own friends daughter, someone who is same age with your daughter” Vivian said

Ever since she came, she hasn’t asked the whereabouts of her own daughter,Sheila. As far as she was concerned, her main motive was to get married to Emily’s father and enjoy his wealth.

On the other hand, Sheila managed to get into her father’s house. She went to her room immediately. All this while she was trembling and was filled with great fear.

After awhile, she noticed a white envelope on her pillow. She picked it up, opened it and found letter addressed to her. It only had few words on it.

“I’m Sorry, i should have listened to you” – thats what the letter said.

What even freaked her out more was the fact that the letter was written in Nana’s handwriting.


To Be Continued