Broken – Episode Seven (7) – “The Mystery”


As the door opened, Lady Vivian walked in and saw them right in there. She had followed Emily when she noticed Emily was trying to sneak out from the house.

This wasn’t like that Of Sheila where she walked out on them without them noticing, Lady Vivian made her presence felt.

She wasn’t expecting to see her ex husband with Emily, by her reaction, you could see she was really surprised.

Emily and Sheila’s father freaked out upon realizing they’ve been caught, Sheila’s father knew how out spoken Lady Vivian was and with something like this, he doubt if she was ever going to keep her mouth shut.

Surprisingly, Emily stopped being concerned about them being caught by her father’ to be wife. She even tried pushing herself on Sheila’s father after they have been caught but Sheila’s father was too ashamed to come closer this time around especially when his ex wife was standing right in front of them.

“You are not even ashamed of yourself, Sleeping with your own friends daughter. Someone who is young enough to be your daughter Danny.” Lady Vivian said.

Daniel, that was Sheila’s father name. He was surprised to hear her call him that way “Danny”. Back in the days, She only called him that when she was flirting with him.

On the other hand, Emily found this whole thing funny. She was not moved by what was going on.

“Vivian, please its just…no one needs to know this” Danny begged.

“Don’t worry my love, she has nothing to tell anyone, besides not everyone knows that she is your ex wife” Emily revealed. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”.

That broke Danny and Vivian into pieces. Though they never talked to each other, they both wondered how Emily got to know about all this.

She seemed to have her way out of everything, that was why she was not moved after they have been caught. Emily knew she could definitely get her way out of this.

Sheila, had been in pains ever since she was raped by this guy. Her fellow street hawkers tried to take good care of her.

They were not so surprised though because most of them have gone through the same thing. Life on the street was beginning to be unbearable.

She didn’t want to consider coming home but her situation didn’t help her. At this point she seemed to have no other option.

Then again she thought that if her father was sleeping with Emily, perhaps the best way to end all this is by coming out clean. Maybe, She had to tell Emily’s father about everything. That seemed to be her only option.

There was no turning back this time around, she has finally made up her mind to go home but before then, she needed to meet Emily’s father and tell him the truth.

Back at Emily’s father’s house, Lady Vivian was acting weird, she walked up and down the house unnecessarily just to catch attention. She was looking very nervous and scared that Emily might expose her to her father.

Emily’s father noticed how uncomfortable she was, he tried as much as he can to fish out what could possibly be the problem but it was to no avail.

Lady Vivian had then succeeded luring Emily into the kitchen so she could speak to her alone.

“Look Emily, you know how much i love your father, he must not know about this and I promise I won’t tell anyone about what i saw” Lady Vivian said.

“You think i have a problem if my father knows about my relationship with your ex husband? Madam, you can do your worse. Its your word against mine” she said and left Lady Vivian at the kitchen.

Sheila by then was on her way to Emily’s father’s house. She got there very late, but to her surprise she noticed that there was no one around, however the door was left opened.

She knocked several times but no one responded. She then decided to walk in only to see Emily lying down in a pool of blood with a knife buried in her belly.


To be continued