Broken – Episode 9 Final


The words of Nana in his hand writing. Maybe it could be that someone was playing tricks on her but that doesn’t make sense anyway.

Was it a note from her father? She thought. Or probably it just happened that their hand writing was alike. With all this going through her mind, she didn’t notice that Emily’s father had budge into the house with the cops.

Just when she realized it, she thought it was her father, she then came out of her room only to find the cops and Emily’s father. She then knew she was in trouble.

This seemed like it was going to be her end. However just when the police got hold of her and began to escort her out of the building, another surprise sprang up.

No one knew where they came from or how they even got along, there came forth Sheila’s father and Mother happily holding each other’s hand.

Somehow, Sheila’s mother, lady Vivian has been able to manipulate David that she still loved him after their last conversation.
What they came to see was something they least expected.

The fact that Sheila is back home was something they didn’t think of, but the worse of it all was that she was in the hands of the cops under the order of Emily’s father.

Sheila on the other hand was so surprised to see her mother after all these years but the situation at that moment filled each of them with total silence and amusement.

“What is happening here” Sheila’s father asked. “Leave my daughter alone” he continued.

“Not until she brings back my dead daughter alive” Emily’s father responded quickly. Turning to his to be wife, he continued, “what are you doing with this man” he asked.

A lot of unanswered questions were just popping out. The police began taking her away but Sheila’s father tried to resist her arrest.

All what her mother could do was just stand and watch without doing anything. That was her daughter in the hands of the cops but there was nothing she could do at that moment.

In tears and anger, Emily’s father shouted and ordered “Take her away, murderer”

Before any of them could do anything, there was a long silence after they all heard a voice coming out of the main entrance.

“She is innocent father” Nana said. Yes Nana. There stood Nana as he walked towards them from the entrance. They didn’t believe he was real especially his father.

“Nana…” Sheila called. She was as shocked as anyone else.

“I did it, I killed my sister. I’m the one you should be arresting ” he said.

The cops stood there without knowing what to do.

“Go on, arrest me.” Nana said as he stretched forward his hands to be handcuffed.

The police had no option than to arrest him too, however they couldn’t let Sheila go just like that without interrogating her. With this, they led both of them away.

David and his ex wife had no option than to follow the cops to their station. At this moment, Emily’s father was greatly astonished and surprised that the son whom he thought he had buried was still alive and active. He also followed them to the station.

After hours at the police station, Sheila was finally released. She came out in tears as she saw her father and mother behind the counter. She had no idea how they reunited as it appears, all what she cared was the fact that her mother is back.

“Can any of you tell me whats going on here” Emily’s father who was dumbfounded and in total silence then spoke out.

“I have something to tell you my good friend, but clearly this is not the right time” Sheila’s father, David said.

“I have had enough of this already. My son which I buried is alive and I can’t explain. Just go on with it and tell me” he said.

As David got closer to where he was, they all saw Nana being taken away from the interrogation room to his cell. Nana’s father was able to catch a moment with his son due to the influence he had on the community.

It was obvious that Sheila and Her father would be interested to hear what Nana would say, so they drew closer as much as they can.

Nana however didn’t address his father, all his attention was on Sheila who was by then standing close to her father.

“I’m really sorry for doubting you Sheila.” He said.

That was when he began telling his story, how he narrowly escaped death. Apparently, upon his admission at the hospital when he was poisoned, his ward was changed after a short while when he began responding to treatment.

It was amazing that, the one who took his place at his initial ward was someone who really looked liked him, more or less a doppelgänger. When he noticed that, he seized that moment with a doctor friend. However the doppelgänger died shortly after he was admitted, there was no turning back.

Nana used that moment to find out who was really behind his death. All this while, he was living in shadows and day in and day out he would sneak into their apartment. It was on one of this occasions when he saw the substance he was poisoned with in Emily’s belongings.


He then got convinced after he saw a receipt for purchasing that drug boldly written in Emily’s name. Out of pain, he planned on avenging his death not by killing Emily but by letting his father know who Emily really was. Just when he decided to that, he met Emily alone in the house.

When Emily discovered that Nana was alive, after he showed up and knowing his intentions, she tried to stab him behind, it was out of defense that the knife ended up deep in Emily’s belly.

Just as he was than, he was led away by the police to his cell to await trial. This was what really happened.

Ever since that day, Emily’s father had locked himself away from the society. Lady Vivian who was coming there almost every day managed to convince him to finally open the door to her.

That was the moment she told Emily’s father who she really was. There was no way Emily’s father would continue with this marriage especially after discovering his dead son was alive and besides he had a daughter to burry.

Like a coward, that was the last of Lady Vivian, She disappeared again without telling anyone. Emily’s father knew he couldn’t hold anything against his friend but what he couldn’t find easy to forgive was after Sheila’s father also decided to come out clean by confessing that he was all this while sleeping with his daughter.

Sheila now and then kept visiting Nana until he was sentenced to six years in prison. Somehow, he was not charged with murder but he had to serve those terms for reasons best known to the court.

It was until after he had served his term, that he was able to convince his father to forgive Sheila’s father meaning he pondered everything in his heart for over six years.

As for Nana and Sheila, the difficult thing that happened was when they tried to fall in love with each other. It just seemed impossible. They couldn’t just see themselves as lovers until when they began to go their separate ways. That was when they began feeling jealous of each other.

Even with this, they didn’t rush, they gave themselves to figure out what they really want. They just left love to fate.


The End.