Boyfriend? Think again



I am not interested in stirring up any controversy; I am just belching my opinion and I don’t expect you to wholly agree to everything I say in this piece. 
About 70-85% of students on every university campus in Ghana are in relationships, which they often refer to as “going out.”  I don’t know where they “go” though, and that is not part of my “okro” business.
If you are a lady reading this piece, I want to make you aware that by age 23, you must have at least four (4) guys to propose to you and if this doesn’t happen, then there must be something wrong which could be character deficit, vertical challenge, or anything attributed to spirituality.
Another subjective fact is that if by age 18, you have accepted more than 5 proposals and have had sexual affairs with them, you also have to look for any church with its name being preceeded with redemption.  The truth is that it is abnormal to accept the proposal of every guy because there are a number of guys out there whose hobby is proposing to ladies.
There are so many relationships which start on campus and end up in marriages; however, there are also millions of them which are like a “trotro” bus from Kejetia to Tech junction. The bus becomes virtually empty by the time it reaches Tech junction. Very pathetic!
I can confidently say that the number of break- ups that occur on every university campus exceed the number of questions students answer correctly in examination.
If you are a lady reading this piece and you are in a relationship, I want to tell you that “He Is Not Your Boyfriend” and that is because boyfriends don’t have the mind set of marrying you. Boyfriends are often times interested in sex, parties and anything that will satisfy their desire. They will eventually “drop” you as soon as their desires are met. He should rather be described as your future husband; future husbands will groom you. 
They do everything to attain the ultimate goal which is marriage.You two merge ideas; you stay away from sex. Boyfriends are not serious guys and their most desired goal is to nail you to the cross; by this I mean to have sex with you.Future husbands are those who plan their lives with you, make you a virtuous woman and help you attain your personal goals.
So I ask you a simple question,” if you are dating him without the mindset of getting married to him in future, what then are you doing Or you are acting a movie?” I am not against relationship but my argument is that, at this age your aim for being in a relationship should be marriage and not pleasure.
My advice to ladies out there is that, never kill yourself for a guy; if you do, he will come to your funeral with a different girl and when “Mansa” or “Y3 w) krom” is being played, he will be the first to dance. Be wise and strong if possible, strong as a Makola prostitute’s bed.  only thing you should die for is your dreams and convictions.
And to the few singles out there, never rush okay. Relationship is never a race or competition, it is a God agenda and at his own time, you will be glorified. Don’t envy anyone, just keep focused and pursue your dreams. 
Dignity without a degree is far better than a degree without dignity. Watch your steps well because he is not your boyfriend. Boyfriends are for JHS and SHS students, at your stage he should be regarded as a future husband. 
Asempa 3y3 tia!!!


  1. Awesome!!!
    I agree with every word put down here in this note of advice.
    Those who are wise would listen to instructions