Boy With Luv Episode 6



I headed back to Eliza’s shop. Luckily her mother wasn’t back.

“you’re back so soon. Did you see her by the roadside?” she asked, standing up from the stool she was sitting on

“no. Actually, someone else bought them on the road” I stated and sat down on a bench

“really? Everything?” she asked and I nodded “a he? Or a she?”

‘‘a he. I think he’s rich. He looked so elegant and fresh. His car is flashy and even his outfit showed elegance.” I said and she beamed with eyes that said ‘go on’

“and he bought them for six thousand” I added and her eyes lit up

“six thousand? As in six thousand pesos? What?” she, exclaimed and quickly sat down
“I was so surprised too. He said he was gonna need it to act a movie”

“a movie. Oh my gosh he must be a celebrity. Okay, describe him” she said, ready to guess. I laughed. There’s no way I’m telling her it’s her Wilbur. She won’t let me be. I know how much fatigue I got from her numerous questions about him when I saw him in the restaurant. The color of his shirt, his shoes, the type of haircut he had then, if it was layered or not. Eliza almost questioned the life out of me

“well he’s not tall. About my height. He’s blonde and he wore contact lenses. His car was red and he was dressed all white” I stated all the lies

“wait” she said and reached out for her magazine under a tray. She kept flipping through the pages then stopped in one

“is it this guy?” she asked, pointing to a picture.

Wow. Everything I described. Blonde hair, brown eyes, definitely lenses.

“I don’t know. I didn’t look at his face” I lied again
“then how come you know he wears lenses?”

“you know I know things like that. And quit asking me questions” I retorted and she chuckled and closed the magazine

“so where’s the money?” she asked and I brought it out from my short jeans pocket. She collected it

“wow, it’s truly six thousand. And it smells so good” she dragged out as she sniffed the fresh mint notes

‘‘how did he even buy them? How did he notice you?”

“he drove very fast past me and I got frightened and fell down. Well, he thought he knocked me down so he stopped. He later asked what was in the sack and I told him” I said fanning myself with my palm cause it was so hot

“and he’s going to use it for a movie. I must watch it. Any movie that I see Romeo Garfield in it and there are mats, then it’s the one”

“Romeo Garfield?” I asked
“that’s the guy’s name. He’s British but was born and brought up here. So he’s also Filipino” she said and grinned at the money

I pray she doesn’t ask me why he gave me six thousand pesos. Cause the mats are just 700p

“so how are we gonna spend this? We’re definitely not buying the diploma forms” she stated

“why?” I asked looking puzzled

“you daft thing! What would we be using diploma forms for when we can actually buy the bachelors degree form. It’s 1000 peso” she exclaimed and I grinned

“what about the remaining 4000?”
I asked

“new shoes. Three new dresses and skirts for you. Two new shirts and trousers for me. I’m buying new magazines. Don’t worry, it’s not expensive. And you’re buying your drugs whether you like it or not!” she pointed at my face sternly

“of course I’ll buy my drugs. That’s the first thing on my mind” I said

“also, we need sweaters. Thick sweaters because of the cold. Especially you, you’ll need it more”


“and lastly, the money is staying with me. Your auntie is coming back tomorrow, I don’t want to hear a story that will make me cry”

I laughed and hugged her
“what would I do without you bestie!” I stated and hugged her tighter

“awwn. That’s so cute” she exclaimed and hugged me back. We laughed and disengaged

“we’re actually going to work tomorrow afternoon, maybe we would dodge to a cloth store when our shift is over” she said and folded the money into two then she took a rubber band and banded it together

“I think there’s a boutique close to the restaurant”

“yeah, there is. And I hope their things are cheap” she said and stood up, definitely to hide the money

I was feeling tired. I needed a nap. I stood up, yawned and stretched

“I gotta go sleep Eliza. Before the witch arrives” I said and picked my sack that I had already folded into a small square

“I’ll come around later. Love you bes” she cooed and kissed my cheek.

“haha, make sure you bring some nuts for me. I need to boil them and drink” I said as I walked out of the shop

“okay. I’ll also buy your drugs from Luigi when coming”

“thanks Liza. Bye” I waved at her and walked away.

When I got home, I took a bathe and immediately laid down on my bed, ready to doze off

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“how about this one?” I said, pulling out a white long sleeves shirt and black trousers

Eduardo looked up from his laptop
“too casual” he said and returned to his laptop

I bit my lower lip and stared into his closet. I decided to make him wear his new blue suit. It would suit him perfectly and he would look elegant since he’s really tall.

I pulled it out

“you’re wearing this. It’s expensive and excellente!” I said grinning

He nodded
“I’ll wear that” he said and went back to his laptop

I brought out the inner shirt and placed them on his bed. The maid or Butler should make sure this is well ironed. He’ll be the one to do that

I sat down on his sofa, leaning on one arm of the sofa and resting one leg on the second arm
I brought out my phone. My birthday arrangements are going on. We’re going to 25 years

Eduardo looked at me

“how did you find your phone?” he asked

“wow, I thought you’d never ask” I smirked and unlocked it

“well, the girl who took it gave it back to me” I stated

“the girl who took it gave it back to you” he repeated

“you heard me right bro”

“you mean she came to your house and gave it to you?” he asked still looking at me

“that girl that approached us at KFC last week. The janitor. She was the one. She wanted to tell me she was with my phone” I said, not hoping to continue with the story because he wouldn’t even want to hear the rest

He laughed
‘‘you’re being played and you’re dumb enough to accept it. Do you know the girl? Do you know why she returned it so easily? Do you know who she’s working for? Do you know if there’s a tracker device put into the phone to know your every move? Will, you’re so dumb” he opined and I looked blankly at him
He has a huge point

“well, I’ll just go and check the phone out then” i said and sat up on the sofa

“anyway I’m hungry. I skipped lunch” he said and closed his laptop

“I’ll have Senor prepare something for us. Do you mind eating?” he asked as he stood up

“no I’m good” I replied and watched him leave his room.

I stood up and walked towards the deck, I opened the French doors and stood by the railing. It’s really sunny today and it’s so hot. I sat on a wooden chair and dropped the phone on the wooden table, under one of the large umbrellas on the deck.

I remembered the girl. She’s funny actually. I wanted to laugh when I saw her lying on the ground just because a fast car passed by her. Did she think I’d knock her down? I’m a good driver and I sighted her from afar so there’s no way I would have hit her.

I gave her just six dimes and she was looking so surprised. Just that small amount? I was actually thinking of giving her more but I knew she wouldn’t collect it. And now Eduardo has instilled a little fear in me. And he might actually be right

I’m going to replace this phone. I actually don’t need it anymore. The shares was what made me go gaga looking for it. Now I’ve gotten the shares, increased my net worth and gotten a part of dad’s company, I don’t need the phone anymore

“I think being a waiter is better than being stuck up in a kitchen getting your hands sore with washing dishes” Elizabeth said as we were selecting some suitable sweaters from that cloths store

“you know, waiters get tips too” she added

“and they get to see celebs and all those rich and famous people” she said again

“I wonder why you’re so obsessed with celebrities and higher people” I stated as I picked up a brown thick leather jacket. It had a hood covered with brown fur at the hem. I think I like this one

“I agree. I’m obsessed. But I’m just aspiring to be like them” she said and hung the jacket she was looking at

“how about this?” I asked, pulling the brown jacket to my chest

“wow I like it” she said then touched it

“it’s waterproof. Good for you” she said.

“it’s 1,500 Eliza” I said while looking at the tag. Is there no way we can get a discount?

“let’s just buy it. It can really get the cold out” she said and I nodded. I hope the other clothes aren’t too expensive like this

We continued to look for other less expensive clothes and after about ten minutes, we bought them for 3,000 in total We had 3,000 left and we already planned to buy our forms with 1,000. The remaining two thousand would go for my drugs and shoes and Eliza’s magazines. This girl was even supposed to buy the drugs yesterday but she instead decided to buy it from town today. Suddenly confessing that Luigi’s drugs were expired

We dropped our bags with the kind retailer and promised to take them when we close from work by 9pm and luckily, they close by 9:30pm.

Eliza went into her kitchen and I took my towel and small bucket to clean the walls in the elevators. Anytime the elevators are undergoing cleaning, they use the stairs.

I added disinfectant to the water and took a bottle of soap. I entered one of the elevators, the one leading to the offices. I had already told the electrical engineer to turn them off so I could clean them. And I had already kept a notice board outside.

I began to spray the walls with the soap and cleaning with a sponge. I then use the small towel to clean the moisture off

When I finished about two elevators, I became tired. Thank God there are lots of janitors here, how would I be able to clean all ten elevators in this big building.

I had one last elevator to clean so I headed towards it. As I was walking, my sponge fell and I stepped on it unknowingly. Since it was wet, I slipped and fell down. The bucket of fresh water that I just fetched fell and the water spilled on me

I was alarmed and I didn’t stand up quickly. Maybe my brain was still trying to make me understand that I actually fell

I looked down at the pool of water I was in and shook my head. I lifted my face and saw Wilbur and another girl looking down at me. Oh gosh this is so embarrassing. And why I’m I always seeing this Wilbur.

“Missy, when you’re done gawking at us, get up, clean up your mess so we can pass” the lady said, stylishly holding up her handbag on her inner elbow.

Her makeup was bright. Lips bright red and nails red too. Her hair was short, reaching her jaw and had red highlights. She was wearing sunglasses. Who wears sunglasses under a roof?

She’s pretty though

“you’re still gawking?” she asked

Then Wilbur grinned and placed a hand on her shoulder
“that’s enough Wini. Don’t let out your anger on everybody” he said Wini? His sister? But they don’t look alike to me

Then she removed her sunglasses and I saw her clearing. Wow, she’s so pretty. Gosh, they look alike. Same eyes, same nose, same complexion. They look alike. How is it possible for them to look identical even at this age? That’s almost impossible

Wait, I’m still on the floor. I gently stood up

“sorry for blocking your way” I apologized and picked up the bucket and the rest of the things. I was dripping and probably going to get a cold because my janitors uniform wasn’t zipped to the top. I zipped it to my lower abdomen and the water had seeped into my shirt

I quickly cleaned the floor with the towel. Though it was still moist because the towel had soaked up real wet. The water was too much for it.

I wriggled out all the water and reapplied it on the floor

“Gold” came Wilbur’s voice. I gently looked up

“yes sir”

“that’s enough, she’s wearing heels she can walk through it.” he said and she looked at him

“what did you call her?” she asked him

“Gold” he replied and she scoffed
“more like diamond” she sarcastically remarked and walked past me like a diva

I looked down as Wilbur stood in front of me

“sorry for her attitude. Something pissed her off and she’s just feeling edgy” he apologized and I nodded, eager for him to leave. I feel so little in his presence and I’m beginning to hate the fact that I’m always seeing him

He walked away and I bent down to continue cleaning. But you know that urge you get when someone passes beside you and you just want to look back at the person for no reason, well I looked back at them and I guess he had that same urge because he looked back at me almost immediately

As our eyes clashed, I felt really embarrassed and I quickly looked down and began to clean. After I was so sure that they left, I looked up and breathed in.

I’m beginning to dislike this job. Maybe Eliza and I should switch places. I’ll be so glad to stay in a confined space with no celebrities to make me feel inferior around them.

But here’s the problem, if Eliza becomes the janitor in my place, then she’ll get fired for harassing celebs.

To Be Continued