Boy With Luv Episode 7


I dragged Wini away from the manager’s office before she tore his skin away from his body.

“leave me alone” Wini said as she dragged her hand away from me. She tried to run back into the office but I blocked her and held her hands

“don’t embarrass yourself” I warned and she calmed down though she was still filled with hot air and was panting heavily

“if he changes his mind about us using his restaurant, it’s his loss” I said calmly

“after he collected money and after the preparations and everything is getting ready? Allow me to kill that man”

“he already said he will refund the money. Now let’s get another venue before it’s too late” I said and walked away

She arranged her scattered hair and wore her sunglasses then followed me. Non of us spoke, I was just tired of talking. We took a turn to another hallway and we saw a janitor down on the floor, in a pool of water. She must have slipped. She lifted her face and it was Marigold, the girl who helped me with my phone. She was looking so funny and the way her face turned gloomy when Wini started on her made me want to chuckle. I succeeded in taking Wini away and even apologized to her.

When we got to the parking lot, I decided to tell Wini who she was before she drove off

“that girl, the janitor” I started

“and what about her?” Wini threw back at me

“she’s the one who gave me my phone back” I said and her face softened

“really? That was her? Wow. Why didn’t you tell me then?” she asked with an angelic voice

“because you were angry. See you tomorrow” I said and entered my car

“it’s more like see you later” she yelled so I could hear and I chuckled and started my car

I drove out and went to my personal house first. I opened the door and got in. I haven’t been here for about two weeks or so.

I walked to the TV and turned it on then walked to my bar. I imputed the keywords then it turned round and showed an excellent array of different types of wine from different brands.
There are three things I fancy: cars, looks, and wine. I’m a huge fan of cars. I can drive really fast and smooth and I know almost all the type of cars in the world.

Also, looks. I am so interested in make up and dress up. When I say make up I don’t mean the girly stuff. I mean making one thing look like the other. Making up a human hand to look like any other creature. Also, I’m a fashion designer

And about wine. I love wine because it has a lot of history attached. The history of a particular type of wine might date back to 200 years.
I have all the types of wine, red wine, sparkling wine, dessert, rose wine and white wine.

I poured a little Chardonnay in a glass and went to the cushion chair. I looked into the television absentmindedly. My mind was drifting back to the janitor.

Marigold. I like that name. Just like the flower, innocent and beautiful. Though I’m not so sure if this Marigold is innocent, I don’t know if Eduardo is right.

I sipped my wine and stared at the television. The doorbell rang and I sat still, Val should come down and open the door. I waited for a minute and she came from the kitchen

“oh master, good day sir” she said and bowed. She’s the chief maid here and she’s very respectful and professional

I smiled at her and she hurried to the door. Later, Kate came walking in from that side.


“hey Will” she cooed as she walked towards me with her hand in the air in front of her and her heels making a thud sound

She sat beside me

“how are you doing?” she asked as she placed her hand on my hand which was on the chair. I gently removed it from her too warm palm

“I’m fine” I said and took the glass to my lips

“you look so tired and tensed. Let me give you a massage” she said and drew closer to place her hands on my shoulders. I shoved her off

‘‘I’m fine. I’m not even tired” I said and stood up

“well, I’ll be here for some hours. And I’m so tired” she stated and began to pull out her shoes.

So she’s tired? Look who wants to give me a massage

“I just came to get something from here. I’m not staying” I told her and walked to the bar to drop the glass

“where are you going?” she asked, standing up and walking towards me. I sighed

“my cousin’s house” I replied and she placed her arms on my back.

“I’ll come with you then” she whispered seductively into my ear. I rolled my eyes. Maybe I should just kick this lady out and order my workers to never let her in

“no. It’s a family meeting” I retorted and walked to the table. I took my keys and looked back at her

“did you come with your car or should I drop you off?” I asked with eagerness to leave. I know she brought her car but I want to hear what she’s going to say.

“I… Well I brought my car but..” I cut her off
“well then let’s go. Wear your shoes” I requested and watched her sit down and wear them. She stood up and took her bag

“shouldn’t we get dinner sometime honey?” she asked as she began to walk towards me

“no” I simply replied and took the turn to the short hallway leading to the front door

“Will, why do you always say no to me?” she asked with frustration

“because you’ve already said yes to Eduardo and Eduardo is my best friend” I answered without looking back at her. From the noise her heels were making, it was obvious that she was walking fast to catch up with me

“so Eduardo is the reason for this attitude? Fine Will, I’ll tell him what you want me to tell him so we can be free together” she said as she grabbed my arm and panting a little.

So this lady thinks I’m not showing any form of attraction to her because of Eduardo.

I chuckled

“Kate” I called

“yes honey” she replied and looked at my face. I stopped walking and I looked at her straight in the eye

“stop coming to my house. Stop calling me. Stop texting me and stop calling me honey” I said strictly

“but… Why?” she stammered
“don’t you see it? I don’t like it. You keep trespassing and it’s so ugly. Know your boundaries with me.” I said and shrugged off her grip on my arm

‘‘hurry up and leave” I said and walked out. I went to my parking lot and entered my car. I waited to see if she’d come out or not. After about five minutes, her timid and embarrassed self walked out. I shook my head and drove out


After I finished from work, Eliza and I collected our bags and headed towards the bus station.
When we were almost there, she remembered that her mom said she should go to her uncle’s house and collect some herbal tea for her

“I can’t believe I forgot. I’m supposed to do that since afternoon” she stated

“what are you going to do now?” I asked

“I have to go. My mom needs that tea for her chest pains” she said and began to check her pockets

“you have to get there early. You can’t wait for the bus” I opined

“that’s why I’m trying to get some money together for a taxi. When I get to uncle Pedro’s house, he might add some more for me” she said and dropped the bag of clothes

“let me give you some of the remaining money” I said. I brought out the purse but she stopped me

“no, you really need your drugs. Don’t worry about it. Just go home before it gets even colder” she suggested

“with this jacket? Eliza, I can bounce into the Arctic.”

She laughed and shoved her hair that was falling over her face beneath her ear. Eliza is so pretty

“and if you don’t get home in the next ten minutes, your auntie will give you pains” she said

“especially that she came back with vulgarity. I wonder what they did to her there. I just thank God she didn’t object to my job here” I stated. Though she collected 150 peso from me from my last week’s salary and that’s because I told her I was paid 200 peso. If I had told her it was 500? Maybe she would even snatch everything

“bye Mari. See you tomorrow” she hailed and began to run towards the roadside to stop a taxi. I chuckled and turned my own way. I have already made up the lie I would tell my auntie about the clothes. The restaurant gave them to us so we would fit in and look presentable. I hope she buys it

I removed my hood and let the wind play with my hair. I began to hum as I gently walked towards the bus station. Suddenly, a car honked loudly behind me and I screamed and dashed to the right and held a tall light pole. I looked back at the car that had stopped and I breathed out nervously. My heart is fragile, no body should divide it to two out of fear. How do these guys even drive?

I looked as the door opened and Wilbur stepped out. This guy again? Seeing him is slowly getting on my nerves

“hi” he greeted and I didn’t reply, just stared at him

“where are you going? Mind if I drop you off?” he asked

“I’m okay. Thanks” I simply said and began to walk away briskly

“hey, wait” I heard him yell after me but instead, I began to run fast. The next thing I heard was the sound of an engine and the sudden appearance of a bright light in front of me. I screamed and covered my face to block the light

He turned it off and came out of the car

“where do you live?” he asked, not even apologizing for the discomfort he caused me for over 20 seconds

I scoffed
“where I live is non of your business. Get your car out of my way!” I stated out of irritation
His eyes widened a bit. He stepped out fully and closed the door. He was wearing red sneakers and white shorts. His T-shirt was white and he had a red headband over his head and his hair strands curled over it. That’s stylish. But he still looks like a girl. A girl without breasts.

I just noticed something. Whatever outfit he’s putting on, his car would be the same color with it. Right now this car is red

“why are you yelling? Do you always yell?” he asked with his arms crossed against his chest

“no.” I replied
He looked me over and I bit my lip in frustration. I wanna kick his pretty face. And truly, my fist tightened.

“come let me drop you off” he stated and I shook my head

“I told you, I’m okay” I replied

He shrugged and sat down on the bonnet of the car

“I guess you’re comfortable standing in the cold” he said and I sighed and looked at his car. Allowing him to drop me off will save me money and time. I usually spend up to thirty minutes at the bus station waiting for the driver’s bus to get filled up before he takes off

“okay, you can drop me off” I said and he sat still staring at me. I felt my head getting too much cold so I covered my head with the hood. He jumped down from the car

“you won’t need that hood in the car. It’s warm there” he said and opened the door to the second seat. I sheepishly walked there and sat in then he closed it. I was now alone in the car as he hasn’t sat in yet. Suddenly I felt insecure.

I don’t even know who this guy is. He might be a celeb but why would a celeb want to help me out by giving me a lift? I hope he’s not going to abduct me and use me as a sex slave like some bad rich people do with innocent young girls.

I wanted to open the door and run out but he already sat in and locked the doors
He started the car

“where do you live?” he asked, not looking at me

Now how will I tell him I live in Tondo, the largest slum in Manila.

“I… I live in the slums” I stated and my cheeks turned red with embarrassment as he looked at me. I feel so uncomfortable

“wow” I heard him mutter. And he hasn’t started moving the car yet, he’s just wasting his gasoline.

“it’s okay if you don’t want to go there. I can just take a bus” I said, hoping he would just tell me to come down from his car

“I’m sorry I can’t go there. It’s… Complicated” he said and I thanked God

“don’t worry. Thanks” I tried to open the door but it was still locked

“I’m still going to drop you somewhere close to it” he said and started moving the car. I mistakenly groaned loudly and banged my fist on the seat beside my leg. He looked at me with furrowed brows

“sorry” I apologized and he stopped the car

“I understand you don’t want me to drop you off. I just wanted to show appreciation for what you did for me. I can’t just see you trekking and I’m with a car.”

“and what did I do for you? Just because I returned a phone? I’m sure you could buy a new one” I blurted out and rolled my eyes. He chuckled and unlocked the door

“that wasn’t an ordinary phone Gold” he said and took up his wallet.

I wonder why he prefers to call me Gold. I like it though

He brought out some money and gave me
“make sure you take a taxi. A bus is too crowded” he said and I looked down at the money. I shook my head

“thanks but I can’t take it. You’ve helped enough” I said and opened the door and stepped out.

“good night mister” I said with a fake smile. I quickly closed the door and ran away before he reverses with the car
To Be Continued