Boy With Luv Episode 30



She looked away and walked to the couch. I sighed and sat beside her
I just wish this kissing scene is short but hell no, it’s like five minutes.

“you’re one good kisser. How many girls have you kissed all in the name of movie making?” she asked, staring at me.

“I… I… The scenes aren’t real. There some form of behind the scenes trick. You know what I mean” I lied. Of course they’re 100% real. But how would I tell the girl I’m dying to have her love me back that I’ve kissed more than ten different ladies all because of the camera

“really?” she asked with relief
“yeah, really” I said with a smile

“that’s a relief” she breathed out and smiled.
The kissing scene was over and I decided to bring up a conversation

“uhm, aren’t you bored? You know, staying here alone.”

“yeah… Somehow” she replied and threw a candy bar to me. I caught it “thank you”

“yeah, whatever” she said in a cute way that made me smile

“I’m going to an island in Cebu. Bantayan island. It’s for a week and I want you to come with me”

“what? Why?”

“cause I’d be lonely after the shoots and the house is quite big and lonely for me”

“no I can’t come with you. Maybe next time. Don’t be angry with me” she said and grinned

“okay. I can understand” I said

“do me a favor” she said with a pout

“uhm, can you please… Well, can you just take me…” she paused looking nervous

“you wanna go somewhere? Where? Come on, let’s go” I said, stood up and pulled her up

“I just wanted to go on a ride. Like the one Sam took Benedicta on” she said, pointing at the TV

I chuckled
“it looked fun. I want it” she said and I licked my lips and stared at her with a smile, not saying a word

“Wilbur! Ugh! You know what, forget it” she said with a distressed voice and sat down

I chuckled and took her hand but she jerked it back

I bent down and placed my hands on her thighs. She glared down at me

“you wanna ride with me?” I asked
“I said forget it” she said

“go wear a jacket. I’ll be waiting for you in the car” I said and stood up. I walked to the door, opened it and looked back at her

“I’ll wait for five minutes. If you’re not interested, don’t come and at exactly six minutes, I’ll go back home” I stated and walked through the door then closed it.

I went to my car and thank God I brought this particular one. I uncovered the roof of the car and sat in, leaving the door opened and one of my legs outside on the ground

I waited for five minutes and she didn’t come. I felt bad all of a sudden. If only I had quickly accepted we’d definitely be taking a ride now.

I wanted to go back inside and apologized to her but I didn’t want to, the stubborn part of me didn’t want to. I took my leg in, closed my door and started the car

I then heard Mari scream as something crashed loudly. I quickly got out of the car and ran to the door, I opened it and saw Mari wearing a black jacket, standing in front of a television that was lying face down on the floor with flashes of electricity bolting around it

I crossed my arms and determined not to go outside. Three minutes had gone and I was still proving stubborn. I glared at the television as if it was Will though it was another scene that was showing.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I groaned and ran to my room. I quickly pulled out one of my new jackets and hurriedly wore it. I went to turn of the TV when I saw Wilbur who’s actually playing the character of Sam, pinning Benedicta to the wall and kissing her like she held the potion of immortality in her lips.

I began to fume up with a tense feeling. I screamed and pulled down the television and screamed again when it fell down on the floor.
I stood staring at it in shock when Wilbur came rushing in

“OH my God! What happened?” he asked and I couldn’t answer

“Mari, step away from it or you might get electrocuted” he said and pulled me away

“I’m sorry I was just going to turn it off when it…”

“it’s okay. Thank God you’re fine. Don’t worry I’ll call and have it replaced” he said and pulled out his phone

“no, you don’t have to. The school would…” I stopped because he walked away and started talking to the person he was calling. I sighed and sat on the sofa.

What made me pull it down? Why was I even angry? Wasn’t that jealousy?

“I need to talk to Eliza” I mumbled under my breath

I held Mari’s hand and pulled her along, though gently as I walked her to sit under a tree with me

“this place is so cool” she muttered and I nodded

“yeah, it’s usually cool at night” I said and stared at her as she looked up at the tree.

When would this girl love me because I’m tired of not understanding her feelings. She acts like she likes me a lot but she is still acting like she doesn’t have a thing for me. If only she had said yes, I would have sat beside her and not opposite her like I’m doing now. Then I’d tint her face to my face and kiss her as slow as the wind is tonight.

“goddammit” I mumbled and palmed my face.

“are you okay?” she asked and I removed my palm and looked at her

“I had forgotten my inhaler upstairs” I said

“it’s in your pocket” she said and I checked it

“OH, I didn’t know” I said
“it’s a reflex action since you’re so used to carrying it around. You don’t know when you carry it” she said and I shrugged

“it’s truly a part of me I guess”
“when did you have asthma from?”
“when I was 8. I always had difficulty in breathing but I didn’t really care and no one noticed until it graduated to a chronic asthma. I began to use this special type of inhaler when I was 9”

“you’re a strong guy” she said and I chuckled

“I wish” I mumbled so low that she didn’t hear

“awwn, look… Those little puppies are playing” she said and pointed to a cage with about five puppies. It was just about two metres from where we were staying.

“you like them?” I asked
“yeah… They’re so cute” she cooed and I stood up.
“let’s go have a clearer view then” I said and gave her my hand to pull her up. She didn’t take it, she stood up by herself and that hurt me

We walked to the cage which was under another tree and Mari bent down to look at them, One of the pups stopped playing and placed her hands on the wall of the cage then began to wag her tail and make little barks

“OH my God, this is so cute” Mari said and sat down

“I think she likes you” said an old lady who was now under the tree

“I think I like her more” Mari said and touched the cage and the pup licked her hands from inside., We all chuckled

“you can have her” the lady said
“what? I can?”

The lady bent down and opened the cage from the top then brought out the dog

“yes you can. She chose you” the lady said and Mari was all smiles as she collected it

“thank you so much. I promise to take care of it” she said and the old lady smiled

“their mother died yesterday and I don’t really have enough money to take care of them and get them milk and other stuff, so I’m trying to give them out”

“really? Then which one would stay with you?” Mari asked

“no one. They’re better off with people who can care for them” the woman said sadly

“I’ll be right back. Please stay here with the pups” I said to them

“sure” Mari said and chuckled as the puppy licked her face.

“their mother’s name was Jewel. She was my 50th year birthday gift from my daughter. She was so….” I couldn’t hear the rest of her story because I had moved away, I walked to my car, opened it and sat in. I brought out my cheque book and wrote a cheque of 10,000 peso for the lady. I walked back to them and bent down

“here, have this ma’am. Please don’t give the pups out. You should take care of them. You can now provide everything they need and everything you would need to live comfortably” I said after she took the paper.

Her eyes widened as she stared at it
“oh my God. This is for me?” she asked and I nodded. Mari looked at me, she smiled.

“thank you. Thank you so much” she said and hugged me. Tears were in her eyes

“you’re welcome ma’am” I said and she blinked her eyes

“aren’t you that famous actor? Yes! Yes you are… You’re the man my teenage granddaughter loves so much” she said with excitement

“really?” I asked

“yes… You’re the one.” she said and I smiled

“then I better take a picture with you for her” I said

“please do. She would be so delighted”

I brought out my phone and took pictures with her and the puppies and also with Mari and her puppies.

I sent the picture to her daughter’s email address that she gave me.

“thank you so much dear. God bless you” she said as we stood to go

“God bless you too” I replied and we bid her bye bye then left. We got to the car, entered and waved her as we drove off

“gosh, she’s so happy” Mari said
“yeah, so I’m I”

“thank you Wilbur” she said and I almost lost control of the wheel when she pecked my cheek
To Be Continued