Boy With Luv Episode 31



I withdrew from him and hugged the puppy

“I’m gonna call you Goldie” I said to the puppy

“Goldie?” Will asked
“yeah, you’re against it?” I asked him

“no, not really” he said and I chuckled

I unhooked my seatbelt and stood up with Goldie clutched to my chest with one hand while I held unto the car with the other

“whoaaaaahhhhh” I screamed as he zoomed through a street. My hair was dancing about and Goldie’s tongue stuck out

“this is so fun!” I said and looked down at Wilbur

“yeah? What if it starts raining?” he asked with a loud voice so I could hear

“no way… It should rain tomorrow please” I replied and he laughed and slowed down. I sat down and hooked my seat belt

“that was fun” I said and smiled

“your smile is so beautiful” he said to me

“yours is more beautiful. You need to see the way your face turns into a blooming flower when you start to smile” I said to him

“oh my God…” he muttered

“what is it?”

“you need to see the way I’m blushing right now” he said and I laughed

“you blush? I’d love to see that more often. But I hope it’s not the blush accompanied with embarrassment?”

“no, it’s not”


We spent the rest of the ride in silence with me smooching and cuddling Goldie


Luckiest dog I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t even deserve all this hugs and kisses. It’s barely an hour since that puppy came and it’s already getting what I’ve been praying for for weeks. Life’s not fair

We stopped by at a pet store and only Mari went in to buy some puppy stuff because the store was not VIP and I couldn’t go in for fear of being recognized.
I had brought back the car roof and I winded up the windows because it was getting chilly already.

I remembered something Mari told me sometime ago and I felt glad I quickly remembered before it was too late.

She soon got into the car and I drove her home

“thanks a lot for the ride. If not for you, I wouldn’t have met Goldie” she said and kissed the pup…. Again!

“I’m glad. We had a fun time” I said and she smiled
“yeah, we did” she said and opened the door of the car

“when would I see you again?” she asked as I handed over to her the bag she had bought the puppy stuff with.

“soon. Anytime. This week and next are very busy for me. I have to travel for some shoots. There’s an award show coming up next week. I’m just preoccupied. But any day I’ve got an hour to spare, I’ll knock on your door” I said the last part while doing the knock knock sign with my fist. She laughed

“good night. Thanks for tonight” she said and I nodded and she turned around and began to walk towards the house. I sighed as she smooched her face into the puppy’s fur. What do I have to do to be like that puppy? I’m I not cute enough?


I opened my door and screamed when I saw Eliza. We hugged each other

“missed me?” she asked and I pulled her inside

“of course I did. So much. We haven’t spent this time apart in years” I said and she laughed and closed the door

“I’m sorry I couldn’t call after that day I told you about your aunty. My mom’s phone had a fault” she said and sat on the sofa

“it’s okay. I really missed you. I didn’t even remember you said you were going to come see me at the weekend. I’ve been so bored” I said and we laughed

“wait… Isn’t that a new television?” she asked, pointing at the TV

“yeah. Will did that” I said and she stood up and walked to it

“OH my God. This should be expensive. Woww. Will is an angel” she cooed and I chuckled

“guess what?” I said to her


I pulled her hand and took her inside. She immediately sighted Goldie cuddled up on her little round bed, fast asleep

“uhhhhh” Eliza gasped and sat on the floor then picked her up. The little dog was still sleeping though she had moved and reacted to the movement Eliza caused

“OH my goodness” she whispered and hugged the pup

“cute right” I asked and sat beside her

“so cute… Too cute” Eliza said and kissed the sleeping puppy

“I went on a ride with Will on Monday and we met a woman with five of them. She willingly gave me one” I said

“she’s so cute… What did you name her?”

“Goldie” I answered
“Marigold and Goldie… Perfect” she cooed and ran her fingers through Goldie’s fur gently

“hmmm Eliza… There’s something I have to tell you” I said and she looked up at me

“what is it?” she asked

I said and closed my eyes for like two seconds then opened them again

“I think I’m in love with Will” I stated and her eyes widened with delight
To Be Continued