Boy With Luv Episode 28


I sat up and hugged myself as cold chills ran down my spine and goose bumps appeared on my skin. I turned on the lights, got down from the bed and walked into my bathroom. I peed then went to the kitchen to warm water for a hot chocolate drink. I was feeling really cold.
After I made my drink, I went back to my room and wrapped myself up in one of the new jackets Will bought for me last week. I sat on my bed and sipped from my cup.

The dream I had flashed back into my senses and I tried hard not to remember but all to no avail. I really didn’t want to have memories of Caleb again but I wonder what brought back these stupid flashes.

I spent about eight minutes drinking the hot chocolate and after that I fell asleep and I was grateful for that. In the morning, I got ready for school. I had two papers to write and I hoped I could concentrate. I met up with Eliza at her dorm

“hey morning!” she hailed as she jogged and stopped in front of me

“are you okay?” she asked immediately
“yeah, why do you ask?”
“well your eye lids are so dull and your skin is pale. And you’re all wrapped up in a thick jacket while the temperature is cool today. Are you sick again?” she asked with concern

“I don’t think I am. I only got a cold at night” I answered and she placed her palm on my forehead

“you’re burning hot Mari” she said and I forced a smile

“I’m fine. It’s just… shock I guess” I stated and we began to walk slowly down the road

“shock? What happened?”
“it was a dream… Nightmare. I woke up from it with a cold” I stated

“what’s the nightmare about?”

I sighed
“it’s… I’ll tell you after the examination. Right now we need to skim and scan through our notes” I said and at first her face didn’t seem like she was okay with that idea but she later complied

“okay, as you wish” she said


I stepped down from my bed and the cold floor gave me some sort of strength. I walked to my window and sighed. It’s evening and I’ve been in bed all day.

I walked back to my bed and sat down.
For the past one week I’ve been sick. Those drugs didn’t really like my body system and they weakened me terribly. The doctor even said that my body had an allergy to one of the constituents of the drug.

I got back from the hospital three days ago and I’m getting better.

My door opened and Wini entered with a tray of fruits. Just in time, I’m hungry

“hey little bro” she said with a grin
“seriously?” I asked and she laughed

“you’re awake. I didn’t think you’d wake up until near dinner time” she said and dropped the tray on the table beside my bed

“these were supposed to be here before you wake up” she said and sat on the bed beside me. I picked up a red apple and took a bite

“when did you wake up?” she asked

“about three minutes ago” I replied with a funny voice because my mouth was busy

“okay. What would you like for dinner?” she asked

“what would you like for dinner?” I asked in return

“well, I feel like eating grilled fish and tomato puree”

“tasty” I said and took a bite again

“you’ve got quite an appetite today. That’s a good sign”

“can I get water?” I asked

“you should be really happy I feel bad for you. I wouldn’t turn into your messenger over night” she said and stood up.

I laughed

“I love you sis” I said and she scoffed and left the room. I chuckled and took another bite from the apple

I dropped the fruit and went to the bathroom. I eased myself and washed my hands. I went to the room and there came a knock on the door.

So Wini told a maid to bring the water?

“open” I said and walked to my closet to get a shirt because I was shirtless though I wore a long black trousers

The maid opened the door and entered then closed it gently. She didn’t make any more sound, probably waiting for me to wear my shirt

I pulled out a yellow colored long sleeved shirt and wore it but I didn’t button up.

I turned around and saw Marigold standing right in front of the bed with a tray in her hands. It contained a bottle of water and a glass cup

She smiled brightly
“your water sir” she said and dropped the tray.
She was wearing a blue round neck sweater and blue jeans. Her hair was in a ponytail and she looked simple and cute. She took in her lips and brought them out, shiny and pink.

I walked to her and I didn’t know when I cupped her face in my hands and took her lips in mine. She gasped as I kissed her and I doubt if her eyes are not wide open right now.

I didn’t stop kissing her though. I continued to nibble on her lips and I think she wanted to withdraw because she pushed her face backwards but I wrapped one arm around her face and pulled her back to me. Her lips parted a little and I grabbed that opportunity to slip in my tongue. That was when I heard her moan. I took up my hand to her face and held her soft cheeks as I continued to kiss her.

I opened my eyes and saw that her eyes were closed but the girl wasn’t kissing me back

I withdrew my lips and stared at her face. Her eyes were still closed even after I had stopped kissing her

I chuckled quietly
“you can open your eyes now” I said and she slowly opened her eyes. I held her right hand and squeezed it.

She stared at me and I thought I would see anger in her eyes but I saw some sort of peace.
She’s not angry with me for kissing her.
Could she be in love with me?

“I’m sorry I…”
“don’t apologize” she said and removed her hand from mine. She sat on my bed and took my half eaten apple. She took a bite and looked up at me

I opened my mouth to talk but I closed it back
I just sat beside her and she took a pear and handed it to me, I took it and stared at her as she picked another apple

“I’m sorry I have to share with you. I haven’t had fresh fruits in awhile” she said and threw up the apple she picked then caught it

“why haven’t you had fresh fruits in awhile?”
“uhm, it’s because whenever I shop, I shop for vegetable and cereals. I’ve never really had extra money to buy fruits” she said and took another bite of my apple

I stared at her for long seconds and she eventually noticed I was staring. She looked at me

“what’s with the staring Will?” she asked without looking at me

“I love you Mari” I said and she lowered her eyes. She dropped the new apple she took and sighed

“I’m sorry. You told me not to say that” I apologized

“it’s okay” she muttered.

I took her hand and squeezed it
“are you okay?” I asked and she didn’t reply. She just kept looking at the floor

“talk to me” I pleaded and shifted closer to her
“I don’t know what to say” she sobbed and that was when I found out she was crying
“Marigold” I called
She looked at me with tears in her eyes

“it’s not my fault Will” she cried
“don’t blame me for being stubborn” she said again and began to sob loudly

I felt bad seeing her cry. I drew her close and hugged her, stroking her hair gently and patting her arm

“stop crying please”
“I can’t help it” she mumbled and I kissed her forehead

“you have to stop crying Mari.” I pleaded on. She sniffed and moved from me then she began to wipe her tears

“you’re the one who’s sick but look, I’m stressing you” she muttered

“who told you I’m sick?”
“Wini did. How’s your health going now?” she asked

“going fine” I replied and she chuckled

Did Wini tell her why I got sick too?

“why’d you chuckle? ” I asked
“because of the way you replied. It was funny” she said and placed with her fingers

“I… Can I tell you something?”
“it’s about how I got sick. And it’s awkward”
“I’m listening Will”

I breathed out and ruffled my hair
“I got raped” I mumbled out


“I was raped” I said and it was obvious she was quite confused

“you? You were once raped? I don’t get it, by who? And why would she abuse you”

“she had a crush on me and came to my house, connived with a maid and she drugged my wine. Then she sneaked in to my room and waited for me to take the drink”

“OH my God! That’s a horrible memory” I said with a gasp

“uhm, that actually happened this week. The day we went shopping”

“I don’t get you”
I groaned and breathed in. Let me just calm down and explain everything to her

I entered my living room and saw Eliza stepping out of the room

“OH hey! Where did you go?”

“to Wilbur’s. I was feeling really down so I just needed someone to talk to” I answered and sat down

“oh. How’s Will? I heard he was sick” she said and sat beside me

“he kissed me” I stated and Eliza didn’t seem to get me

“Wilbur kissed me“ I said again with a smile
To Be Continued