Blood And Water Episode 8


I first came to know your mother when she first reported here as an assistant accountant . I was the driver for a bus for workers here and she was one of the people who boarded everyday, she was a very kind and jovial lady. She called me elder brother and always made funny of my grey hair. She would tease that l will grow old fast .

“How can you have grey hair at your age ?” She used to say .

She really helped a lot of workers especially with salary advances . Barely a year later, she was promoted to the position of Chief accountant and everyone knew she deserved it , she was so hard working. A few months after that, the company got her a vehicle and she personally recommended me to drive her.By then she couldnt drive ,I taught her driving every day after work . She supported me and my family a lot when ever we had financial needs , she would lend me some money and refused to collect it back later on .

She was so beautiful and attracted a lot of men . Unfortunately she turned down all the proposals , according to her, she had not found the right man so I was happy for her when one day she told me she found someone who moved her heart . She was so excited I could see her smile all over as she read texts on her phone .

I used to take her for lunch to meet with her new boyfriend , that’s when I met your father . He seemed humble and talked casually unlike other rich guys , they would sometimes ask me to join them for lunch and he was so nice . When he told me his names I recognised him ,his father owned a big company and they had shares in ZESCO too. Your father was the CEO of the company at the time.

Months later, Ms Daka , your mom told me she was getting married . She invited almost all the workers including the general workers which was a very rare thing to do , it was a beautiful wedding with lots of important guests .

Unfortunately, some months after you were born she came for work one day looking so sad . I wasn’t driving her anymore by then I was involved in an accident and had a dislocation in one of my legs so I was assigned another job as an office orderly. I inquired what was bothering her and she told me there was a lady after your father. I told her men sometimes we acted stupid and that your dad would come to his senses . She complained that she had to plead for her husband to hire that lady and now she was causing trouble .

“I even tried to talk to her with her sister my best friend but she won’t listen. It’s like she has wedged a war against me” complained your mom .

She moved out to her parents house and later rented a flat . I encouraged her to take heart cause I knew the husband loved her whatever was going on would soon be over .

One weekend she invited me and the other worker Silwimba to go help her install the new DSTV set she had bought . We found a black car packed outside opposite your mom’s flat . She stayed at the top floor, the shocking thing is that we saw a lady in the back seat and two men in the front . One of them was watching your mom’s flat with binoculars when they noticed we were watching them they drove off.

I told your mom I had a bad feeling about that car and that someone might be stalking her . She comfirmed my suspicion when she told me someone has been threatening her and telling her about all her moves in the past week .

I asked if she knew who it was and she told me she was suspecting the lady after your father ,she said the person who was threatening her told her not to get back with her husband or else she would die . I was scared for her and l told your mom to report to the police but she said the girl wouldn’t harm her, there were mere threats and she was just jealous your father was begging to get back with your mother.

Days later they found your mother stabbed to death in her street on her way back from the shopping mall .The police rulled it out as a robbery since the killers had got her hand bag and all the groceries .

“But it wasn’t I spoke up,” cutting him.

“No , I don’t think so” answered Mr Botha.

“lt was too much of a coincidence but there was no proof so no one not even me dared to say a thing about it.”

“Okay ” i sighed.

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” I know part of that story. Now I need the name of my father’s company and his full names ” I told him bluntly.

“No , no way, I won’t let you face those people , that lady married to your father now is dangerous. God knows what she has done to your father. I hear she’s almost running things at the company after the mysterious death of your grandfather. Please just live things as they are Mwazi. You are still young and full of life, go on and live dont make history repeat itself my child”

“No” I said sternly. “l vowed to myself and the soul of my beloved mom that l will seek justice . I’m not backing down now , those people will pay for what they did to my mother. Just give me what am asking its the main reason am here please .”

After hesitating, he gave me a written address ,

“here is the address to the company ” he said. “And your father’s name is Ackim Chisonga”

Thank you , I said standing up to leave .

“please be careful” Mr Botha repeated. “lf you need anything call me on this number. I will be here for you , for your mom’s sake .” He smiled widely.

” Thank you again ” I smiled and left .

I walked to Chile’s stand with mixed feelings , curiosity , anxiety but the strongest of all rage . I couldn’t wait to see justice done. I started planning my next move and swore they would pay ,

“They will pay for my mom’s death , every tear I have shed, the hardships I am going through and in fact they will pay for granny’s death too. And if my so-called father had anything to do with it he was going down too.” I thought to myself screaming in my head.

Chile just watched me silently as I sat on a stool waiting for her to finish selling .

At home she said she was worried and had a bad feeling about all that plan of mine , “From what you just said that woman is a devil, please be careful you are just a girl almost turning 14. You have your whole life ahead of you , don’t waste it ” she said .

Joe on the other hand was supportive in fact, he offered to go with me to the company whenever I was ready .

I went to bed going through my plan .I didn’t tell anyone for fear the devil might hear and send a message to his agent my mom’s murderer.

…to be continued