Blood And Water Episode 9


I spent the next months touring my fathers company . I would go to the premises and pretend I was selling fruits . One day I even befriended a young man who worked there. Slowly I would inquire about the owners of the company without raising any suspicions .

One day, he asked why I asked a lot of questions and I lied that l was just so curious about rich fellas and wanted to know how they were like . He told me the wife visited the company almost every day and was very mean.

“She has this fake smile ” he said “but you can see from her actions that she really isn’t a good person . The man , Mr Chisonga the owner of the company is humble , the complete opposite of his wife but lately he has been travelling a lot outside boarders . He barely works at the company.”

Atleast I got something I told myself , all I needed was a way to get close to that woman and my father . I even thought of seeking a job as a cleaner or something at the company but that wasn’t close enough . I had to get to their house .

“Tell me when the boss is in” i asked my new friend . ” I want to ask him for a job” I begged . He was so interested in me that he just smiled and agreed . Unfortunately I liked my teacher friend , he was almost like my boyfriend but we never did anything physical . We would just sit and chat , he was in grade 11 now and we barely met especially with my new mission . Joe didn’t make things easy for him too , he actually hated the guy . He always acted jealousy of him .

Chile got married 6 months after l launched my mission , she moved in with her husband and it was now the two of us in the House Joe and myself .We fought almost everytime we were home and that really made me miss Chile , she was staying within the compound so I visited her regularly .

One day I went to my fathers company as was the trend . Brian my new friend told me the boss was in the office.

“Oh great !” I said , “I’m going to see him then , let’s see if he offers me a job” I smiled.

I went to the reception to ask if I could see him . The Secretary at his office told me l could only see him with an appointment . I stood there arguing with her . I turned to leave and I bumped into someone . lt was granny.

“Amama” I screamed

” Amama is that you? ” I asked shocked, thinking I was seeing a ghost . Granny stood still her mouth open .

“Mwaziona!” she shouted tears running down her cheeks. “Mwaziona! mwanangu ! What are you doing here ? Where have you been ?” She asked

I ran and hugged her. The Secretary watched in awe as we stood holding each other and crying .

I pulled granny outside and we walked out of the company premises . She was so happy to see me.

“But granny, uncle told me you were dead.” I spoke up ,

” what ? That idiot is mad . I was only admitted in the hospital after an accident .” She giggled.

I told her everything that happened and how I got to Lusaka . Granny cried and hugged me .

“I looked every where for you mwanangu” she said.

“After I was discharged from the hospital . I found your uncle had sold most of the things at the farm including my phone , he told me you ran away from home for no reason but l never believed him. I knew he had something to do with your disappearance , he told me that he didn’t know where you had gone , he even lied that he searched for you the entire town of Chipata . How could he tell you l was dead ?” complained granny. Who was now looking a bit older than l left her.

“So how did you find yourself here ?” I asked .

” I came after years of searching for you in chipata , the police there just told me that maybe your father kidnapped you .

“So I came to face your father and get you back if he had you but I was told he was out of the country so my informant just called to let me know he’s in the office so here l am.”

“Oh amama , am really glad you are alive . You have no idea what I went through without you ” I cried out.

“It’s ok mwanangu” granny said wipping my tears.

“I’m here now, Now let’s go where am staying at a friends house you tell me how you have been and how you have grown so much . Now you are an exact copy of your mother , you look so beautiful my Child” granny held my face and smilled.

” I missed you amama ” I said honestly .

“I missed you too my child. God is faithful, he answered my prayers and kept you safe.”

I asked granny that we instead go where I lived so we would catch up . We had a long day of talking and laughing . I told her about Chile and Joe .

“May God bless them” she said .

” I will thank them for taking good care of you”

“So what happened to uncle ?” I looked at granny.

” Oh dear,” she sighed ,

“Your troublesome uncle was caught with drugs by the DEC in chipata , he’s now in prison serving 10 years . I tried raising him well but that son of mine was out of the way . I pray prison life makes him realise what is worthy in his life .”

Granny asked me to go to Chipata with her .

“No way I’m leaving amama” I told her. “I was at the company today because I have a plan to get justice for my mom”.

“How are you planning on facing those pipo my dear ?” She asked worried .

“I have it all planned out amama don’t worry.”

Granny refused , she told me Justice belonged to God and that l should forget and let God avenge mom’s death .

“I will not back down amama” I insisted and I could see her defeated . She knew very well if I aimed at something I never backed down.

“Okay, let me help you then ” she said .

“No amama I can’t put you in harm’s way” I shook my head. Granny looked at me puzzled .

” Look who is talking . Lusaka has really destroyed my little girl” she said shaking her head .

” Forget it Mwaziona I’m not letting you do this alone.” She clearly outlined. I knew for sure she was serious. She was as stubborn as I was.

“Ok then, tell me what you think” I asked after telling her what I intended doing.

Later that evening I took her to Chile’s house , she was so happy and said she almost didn’t believe uncle’s story .

“lt was too plain” she giggled , we spent a night together and talked almost the whole night .

“Thank God she’s here” I prayed. l really needed her around . I felt so much comfort and slept like a baby..

…to be continued