Bitter Sweetness Episode 22


When I could not take the s£nsat!on anymore, I felt my turgid manhood pulsate. The big mushroom head had grown larger and it filled her every wall. She sensed this sudden increase in the size of my J0yst!ck and grabbed my butt0ckz making sure I stayed inside her. She wanted me to spill my seed into her womb and I was going to do just that.

I repositioned myself and then began to take faster and more ruthless strokes. She began whimpering like she was going to cry. I quickly felt something around my side which I first thought was her gown but later knew it to be the p@anties she had taken off earlier and then I stuffed her mouth with it.

I needed her to remain calm and she seemed happy to take the entire thing in her mouth. I grabbed her hips harder and then got lost in a frenzy of very quick jerks!! She gave out stifled yells and screams but kept her hand behind my butt0ckz urging me to go harder. This lasted like what seemed another full minute when I sensed my J0yst!ck tip open up, leaving another spray of thick white J0yst!ck juices deep inside her K!ttyC@t!

I convulsed at each spurt as several of them kept rolling out! She must have felt an amazing s£nsat!on because she also joined me in o—-m! She buried her nails into my butt0ckz cheeks through my shorts while flooding my J0yst!ck with more fluids! She must not Pour again tonight if she was to stay alive over the night, I thought. she had completely drained her K!ttyC@t and we were in a pool of bodily fluids.

Both our crotches were just a smear of all kinds of liquid and it kept them slippery and sticky. She seemed to like the feeling and even kept rocking my J0yst!ck which had gone a bit limp in her. Her butt0ckz rolled up and down my slippery g—n and she made for my mouth again, giving me a long full mouthed kiss!! She loved me no doubt!

I responded by pushing my J0yst!ck in and out, making sure I tweaked my hip while doing so. This made her K!ttyC@t walls feel the enormousness of my size. But we had to stop now.

to be continued