Bitter Sweetness Episode 21


After she regained her sanity, she returned my J0yst!ck to her mouth. She was not done yet. I also responded by making it back to her K!ttyC@t. I had sU-Cked her cl!t so bad that she just had to Pour. Now I concentrated on her opening. I ran my tongue into her and began Bleeping her with it. This continued until I felt my own o—-m build up.

“I am not going to blow into this woman’s mouth”, I thought but before I could make any attempt to retract my tool, she had sensed my pressure and began jerking and sU-Cking me even further. This drove me to the edge and I pressed my entire crotch into her face, driving my J0yst!ck further down her throat and flooding her mouth with countless ropes of Pour! of which she kept making continuous effort to drink as much as she could take.

Her mouth was so full that a lot of the white jizz still poured out from the sides of her mouth leaving her face, mouth and neck a slippery mess of Pour and saliva! The whole air smelt of our bodily fluids and that made my J0yst!ck even stiffer! I wanted more and I knew she did too.

It was getting to half an hour since our current romp began and I knew the risk was already too heightened but I was too far in to think of turning back now!

She had turned her back to me; with legs curled up and lying by her side; just after I had pumped my jizz into her mouth and was only clarified when she nudged on my hips towards her again. I had thought she had got pissed or something but I now understood she wanted me to FK her again but with my J0yst!ck this time! She wanted it from behind and I could see her butt stuck out towards me in the darkness.

Her gown was just wound all around her hips and her Unclad skin shone from the moonlight coming through the window. I nudged further towards her feeling the dampness on the rug created by her squirted juices but paid little attention to it. I was on a mission. When I got to where she was lying, I positioned my still slippery steel onto the opening of her still moist K!ttyC@t.

Her position meant that her lips were pressed together, forcing her v—a out towards me in a manner that made them look like chewable meat!

I dropped my J0yst!ck on her and with little pressure from both of us, it slid right into her warmth! She was still very soaked and the volume of juice she had in her made my J0yst!ck swim about in ecstasy. She was saying things I could not hear while we began Bleeping ourselves silly. I was doing everything I could to bury everything I had as a J0yst!ck into her at every stroke.

She was creaming again on my J0yst!ck and I bet I could have seen how obviously heavy it was if not for the darkness. I reached for her b0s0m from behind through her gown, but I was shocked when she pulled the neck of the gown and then her bra under her b0s0m exposing them to my hands. I quickly grabbed them and gave them a very firm sq££ze. She purred! She had one of her legs travel on top my thigh with a bid to get me deeper into her.

I was pounding away and did not care if the loud slap sounds that were coming from it got to D and Felix! I needed to FK her as well as she deserved. She bent her neck until I could see her face which she brought to mine in a hurry prompting us to engage in another full mouth kiss! She sU-Cked on my tongue will I practically chewed her lower lips.

I could feel hot juice rush unto the skin of my J0yst!ck. She was cumming again and that kept wetting the rug under us. I pinched her Tips playfully and tried locating her cl!t with the other hand. She opened her legs wider giving me room and I rubbed it in circles while I continued pounding her K!ttyC@t from behind! Each push left my sweating thighs filled with splashes of her juices which where escaping her K!ttyC@t because of pressure. She was so full with juice.

to be continued


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