Bitter Sweetness Episode 3


However, the experience in the following hours of that same night was not any different. As the night progressed, she appeared more and more ruthless with the act. In fact, at some point, she so much parted her legs that I could easily see the outline of her puffy K!ttyC@t on her white doted p@anties!! I was taken and I so much knew that she was aware I was watching and possibly encouraged it!! This was totally killing and scary too.

What if Uncle D finds out? What will he call it? Careless sitting posture? I could not just tell how this would be handled and can swear that if not for the very position of the TV which was at the left side of the living room, he would have caught her or would I say us? This was sweet but as well bitter. I could not help it any further and on three occasions, I had to find my way to the bathroom which was the safest place at the moment to beat my J0yst!ck freakishly.

It was now three days into my visit. I was being gradually absolved into the Agbo family. Onyinye hadn’t fully changed but she would pick up a chat now and then. Her case looked like that of a little girl who liked to have a particular person as a new friend, but just did not know how to approach her. I still sensed that usual resent from her about my stay but I could hardly accept it to mean that anymore judging from the lewd advances she has been making.

Of course the upskirt incidents were still happening; same time, same manner and if it was not the definition of s£duct!on, what would you call it? Our times during the day had been roughly the same except for the fact that she stays in the living room mostly now but not seated with legs spread like pliers, instead always lying on the rug.

This left me with little to see even though I still had decent flashes of the deepest parts of her thigh. It was on this third day that I was treated to a change.

Uncle D was home for some reasons I could not tell. He was at the living room flipping through some sales documents. The TV was mysteriously turned off this time and Onyinye was at the kitchen. I had been busy with my laptop as I prepared for my new roles at the firm, I had just few more days to sit out at home. Just then she called out.

“Won’t you come over and assist me, Danny?” she said peeping through the elaborate shelf placed between the living room and the dining room. I was shocked to say the least. She was asking for my help for the first time since I visited and she had done so while calling my name and in a pet form too. Simply different.

“Sure, I will” I managed to say as I closed the lid of my laptop, and walked towards her.

“You wouldn’t let an old mother do all the work, would you?” she further asked as she gradually walked back to the kitchen. I was now torn between curiosity and shame. She wouldn’t be calling herself old to instigate a response from me or would she? I was also worried about my seeming negligence.

Courtesy demanded that I assisted her with chores even though I had no idea what she was busy with in the Kitchen.

“did not know you were real busy in here”, I feigned. She was doing some tumblers. Guess they were expecting some guests or something. I was not sure. I picked up one and soon after, I was lost in the washing.

“You haven’t been going out since you came. Got no friends here?” was what followed after what seemed a very long silence between us.

“Yea. Do not know anybody here,” I replied. “What about you? I mean, you have been staying home too”.

“I am on leave. Have another three weeks to go”, she explained. This led to series of other questions and soon we were having a good chat. I had finished with the tumblers I had and was trying to get more of them from the lower cupboard under the kitchen counter when my butt0ckz brushed against her side! I did not see it coming even though I had backed her and bent over towards the cupboard.

“Take your time Danny. You want to send me to the hospital, right?” I heard her say.

“Am sorry ma! Did not mean to” I quickly said as I tried standing straight again. However, while doing so, I cannot really explain if she stepped closer because I only ended up bumping my butt0ckz against her sides again and this time she slapped my butt0ckz hard!

“Danny?!” she screamed but lightly! Not knowing what was actually playing out here,

I immediately apologized again but without forgetting the mixed feeling of sheer pleasure and pain that built up within me. We were becoming good friends. Friends on all fronts; if she could now smack my hard butt then we are almost home! I straightened up only to meet her eyes staring at me. I made a funny face.

“what again? I just said sorry, didn’t I?” I asked while trying hard to stifle the obvious grin on my face.

“And you are still making fun of it right?” she continued while swinging her arms again towards me. I had the option of docking the eventual blow and would also have done so perfectly but I wanted her to hit me. In fact I wanted her to keep doing so as much as she wanted. It was a dream come true!

Her right hand got me at the side of my butt0ckz again and she did not even try stopping as she went for it a couple of times again.

“Ouch!” I yelled, “that hurts!”. I felt Uncle D heard that and I sensed how she recoiled at once in anticipation of her husband’s enquiries but after a few minutes we still could not hear him.

“How can it hurt when you were doing the same to me?” she said first.

“I dint mean to hurt you. It was an accident” I followed. My J0yst!ck was breathing hard now and the fabric of my bum short was not helping matters.

“Accident? when you almost tore my butt0ckz apart?” fell off her lips.

“Did she just say that?” I questioned my thoughts “did she just say butt0ckz? tearing her butt0ckz? How I would love to really insert this hard tool into her butt0ckz and tear”. She was visibly aroused and I could sense it. She was sending the proper signals. She wants me to acknowledge she was a bad girl.

“My butt0ckz still hurts” I wickedly said. She had to know I got the message.

“Your butt is so hard. How could you ever feel pain there?” she asked again and with absolute sultry.

“Hit my butt0ckz and see that I wouldn’t feel a thing”. Huh? I should do what? Hit her butt0ckz? Now I got taken again for the umpteenth time in three days!

“You will bleed if I do” I said to her getting closer to her and with a face that suggested s*x!

“let’s see how you can pull that off” she replied turning her butt0ckz towards me and even raising her silky gown a little towards her hip. I was left with the most protruded butt0ckz in the world and with a view of her mid thigh.

I smiled at her as I got even closer but she did not even act like she noticed my smile. I lifted my right hand to smack. I was keen to do so but I must also take advantage of my first contact with the body of this awesome woman. I dropped my hand unto her butt0ckz and gave her a good smack! She let out something like a little m0an of which she reacted to by turning her face to me.

“You act like my butt is hot fire. I cannot feel any pain” She said. I was challenged and immediately hit her again, filling the kitchen with the sound of flesh against flesh!

“I did not ask you to try again” she said making a frown and looking at me. I hit her the third time, totally ignoring her comment. I even left my hand or her right butt0ckz cheek after doing so.

“Your hands are not matured yet” she said with sheer mockery in her voice. I was insulted and challenged at the same time.

“Are you sure?” I asked getting ever closer to her, rubbing her butt0ckz and making round circles with her night gown. She was totally Unclad underneath and I could easily tell the crack of her butt0ckz.

“They need to eat more bones” she said followed by a sudden chuckle. She was loving the session definitely and I was ready to drive her fun home.

“Really?” I asked again while burying my fingers through the thin material of her gown into the crack of her butt0ckz. Not a word from her. She just picked up more cups and began washing even with the fingers of my left hand completely swallowed by her butt0ckz cheeks and was almost feeling her skin directly, save for the thin fabric she wore.

“You have not answered me?”, I enquired.

“Show me how wrong I am” was what I got as a reply.

I was completely out of my mind now!! I knew I was not thinking anymore. Uncle D or no uncle D I had to have a taste of this woman. My J0yst!ck had dropped from the openings meant for my legs in my bum shorts and was pointing down in full steel! If not for my boxer shorts, she could have seen it. I was madly awaken and would not mind Bleeping her right there; right at that time. I pushed my hand deeper seeking both her a—–e and her K!ttyC@t lips but as I almost came in contact with the swell of her hind crotch, she wriggled free and headed for the door swinging and wriggling her hips violently as she walked away.

“Finish up those last three tumblers; I have done the rest. And thanks for your assist” she concluded.

“Okay ma. You are welcome” I followed while bringing my fingers to my nose to sniff off any little I had left. Uncle D must not be made to draw conclusions, I understood.

To be continued