Bitter Sweetness Episode 4


The house was very full by evening. We had a lot of guests. Uncle D was just made the new chairman of the trade union to the place where he sold his wares. That was what they were preparing for all along. I was later told that they did not intended to serve cooked food but just drinks and drilled meat which they later left to take care of.

The two girls from the day of my arrival were back today but not alone this time. They came with their parents. Uncle D was a brother to their mum. It was looking to be a very busy afternoon and I had to assist in getting things going.

Onyinye had been ever normal after the incident at the kitchen and nothing showed I had touched her in the manner I did. She had even sent me on a few errands herself and on most occasions maintaining eye contact. She was an absolute mystery to me. It was a whole new situation for me being used to finding girls as utterly predictable. I still looked forward to seeing more of these escapades between us but I was once more becoming too scared to initiate the move. She was making things sweet and also terribly scary. All I could do now was continuously beat my stick countless times a day while fantasizing additional scenes that could have possibly followed the ones I have witness but those would never be enough.

I needed to F****K Onyinye and my continuously lessened wariness for being caught by Uncle D was only adding coal to the burning fire.

As the guests began saying their goodbyes and walking out of the door, Onyinye instructed me to begin packing up the cups. once again, she was exhibiting complete freedom with me. I did as instructed and headed for the bedroom with the remnants of served drinks. I hardly had had any reasons to step into their bedrooms although that was majorly the case with Onyinye. I had to drop the drinks and that had to be in her bedroom until she was free enough to find a more appropriate place for them.

Of course no one was there as all other persons were at the living room assisting the guests. I found a free corner just in front of her standing giant mirror and bent over to drop them but just then, I received a hard slap against my butt! I was so shocked by the incident that I practically jumped out of my skin and almost dropped one of the bottles I had. Then came this hysterical laughter from Onyinye! She was the one who slapped my butt0ckz again for as many times that same day.

I quickly recomposed myself even though I was aware that she must have sensed my earlier unease.

“Fright night” she muttered trying to turn away and head out of the room but I caught up with her and grabbed her butt0ckz cheeks again. This time giving her a very firm sq££ze! She wriggled her body in a feigned attempt to break loose while holding unto my strong arms. I pushed her closer to my g—n while pushing my now burning J0yst!ck against her bubble butt0ckz. They felt so soft and warm against my clothed J0yst!ck.

“You are ruffling me up. The guests are still here. My dress must not be rumpled” was all she said as I reluctantly let her go. I was still fighting to utter a word. I needed to ask her when it shall be. When she would let me get in-between those fleshy cheeks of hers. I needed to ask her but I lacked the courage. I always felt defeated by the age difference. It seemed she would always have to make the first move!

Later that night, I stayed up so late. I kept playing several scenes in my head. I could not figure out what exactly follows from here. No one would claim she is not up to something, but she has not given the express invite to think I should now step up my game. What if all she was interested in doing was having us (or just me) touch ourselves (or her)? What if she just loved the game of s£duct!on? Getting men to the point of ultimate arousal until their c—s practically burst free with Pour! What if that was her game? Who was I to bring in a new game plan. She was the mistress here and not giving out a direct invite to me to F****K her silly meant I was only going to keep on with my many assumptions.

And there was Uncle D who has been completely in the dark about all this. If he ever found out, I wonder whose cup of tea it would eventually be. I had so many thoughts and questions going through my head and I slept off without having answers to any.

To be continued