Bitter Sweetness Episode 2


She was at the kitchen the next morning when I got out of bed. I had slept too much that morning for no particular reason I could muster. Uncle D had left and so was the dude I thought was the houseboy. Myself and Onyinye were the ones left at home. It seemed that she was a full housewife or probably got out of a job recently.

As I stepped into the kitchen, I was a bit taken aback. She was chopping some onions on the kitchen counter for a fry and so was backing the door. She was putting on a short and a very skimpy one. Of course it was her home and it could easily be explained since she just got out of bed but that cannot cover for the fact that it totally tells how Unclad she was underneath. It held so firmly to her buttock’s cheeks which were so very round and pronounced. Her hips jiggled and swayed the same time as she chopped the onions, poured them into her fry and stirred them. I was completely taken.

“I didn’t know you were up” she stunned me! I had been caught staring and I could not place a cover on this one.

“Ehhmm…yea. I just walked in. Good morning” I fluffed back. She had turned now and was making it to the sink at the other corner of the kitchen giving me a clearer but also very impressive view of her b0s0m! This woman was beautiful, I had to say and she had a body to kill.

The camisole top she had over her upper half was crimson red and silky but that does not tell that it dropped rather low giving viewership to the deepest cleavage I had ever seen!

I made for the fridge, picked a bottle of water and walked away. I must not tell too much that I was feeling good about what I was seeing. This woman had not shown any reason for me to think she likes my being here so I must not also begin placing another burden on her by making her think I am being a significant threat to her faithfulness to her husband. I opted to remain low.

The day crawled by. I was seriously bored. I had used up all the charge on my laptop and seriously needed something to while away time with.

Onyinye was appearing more and more to be the introvert. She hardly had said a word to me after the incident in the kitchen. She had served me breakfast and lunch and had told me to come and eat on both occasions and that was the much I had heard from her. I was only taking consolation from the fact that I had little time to spend in their apartment.

Not long after Uncle D soon returned home. I had learnt now that he was a businessman who dealt on building materials and the guy I have been seeing around was his sales boy. He was almost my age and had been friendly so far.

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After exchanging pleasantries and getting to know how our days went, Uncle D quickly went for the TV. I was also beginning to see it was popular past time around here. Not long after, Onyinye who had been staying at the bedroom all along, served him dinner and found a place beside him. She had changed cloths. She was now wearing what seemed to be an old shirt over a suede skirt. She easily started a conversation with him and at some point even involved me!

“B***h!!” I swore to myself, “she had purposely stayed off me all day. She really could talk when she wanted”. I tried not to show any willingness to flow with the conversation but it was really hard to pull off. In fact, I had to laugh after a particularly funny comment from her. She was really in total control here and I could do so little about it.

She maintained eye contact and gesticulated good enough to explain herself. But just as the conversation looked to get deeper, I saw something very unusual and I froze! Right before me; at the very particular spot where she sat on the day of my arrival; her legs were parted and weirdly spread; slightly angled towards me with her skirt ridden up to her mid-thigh! She was presenting me an upskirt! I had to quickly pull away my eyes, reassess the situation to reassure myself that this was reality and not a dream.

We were three in the living room with her husband inclusive and from her sitting manner yesterday, it was obvious she could not possibly be the same person with her legs so casually parted that way. This was not possible! I returned my gaze but not to that previous spot but to her face and there she was looking at me in the face, telling her story of which I was not following anymore and maintaining a radiant smile. I had to be sure it was a mistake on her own part and had to stare again at the parted legs certain she would trace and follow my stare as I did. And yes they were still parted and in fact more revealing. I could now see her inner thighs and the various ridges that formed its roundness.

I was scared her husband would see this and was even more scared he would catch me watching too. I stood and walked away into the kitchen. Right there, I had a glass of water and gave my J0yst!ck a little pressure to counter the slight s£nsat!ons I was already seriously receiving. When I felt I had recomposed myself, I walked back into the living room. Uncle D had finished eating and she was packing up his plates as I walked in.

“I was not going to see those scenes anymore” I thought to myself. Really felt sad about it. Uncle D was speaking of using the toilet which told me he was thoroughly satisfied. I moved my attention back to the TV now but that was not for long as Onyinye stepped out again into the living room. I would hardly not think of her presence now after what happened earlier.

She made for her seat and as we kept on with the TV she soon continued with her talk but now directed towards me. It revolved more around the talent hunt playing out on TV and I was now convinced this woman knew exactly what she was doing. This was the same lady who had avoided me all day when we were actually the only ones together but has entirely thrown herself open now the hubby was at home. I needed to tread carefully.

To be continued