Bitter Sweetness Episode 12


I was getting water ready when Onyinye walked in. I was with some buckets that had been stacked into each other and was making an attempt to release one so that I could get water into it. The washing machine was already open and waiting.

“He has boarded a bus o” she cheerily said as she walked into the lobby and when she got to where I was, placed a hand on my bare back. I had taken off the pullover shirt I had on, for washing.

“That’s cool. How long should the trip last?” I replied feigning total oblivion of the place she had kept her hand.

“Not more than two hours. Should be less” she said, bringing it further up in quick movement. “Have you seen the new detergent I bought?” she continued; stretching her neck as to look into the washing machine. I could sense a new found air of freedom. Her hand were now traveling up to my shoulder and when it got there, it stayed there.

“Not yet” I said, finally freeing one of the buckets and inspecting it closely. She then started making an attempt to say something else before being interrupted by movements from the living room. It must have been the sales boy who was the only other person in the house with us. She reacted to this by dropping her hand to my ribbed belly and as the movements continued back there, she began walking away and towards her bedroom while letting her hand drop and brush my J0yst!ck heavily! I had no idea I was turned on until I felt her hand there; I was unexpectedly heavy.

“I need to bathe, I have a place to go to” was the last thing she said swaying her huge bubble butt0ckz as she walked away. My mind was racing! Why did she want me to stay home when she had planned places to go to? I thought her idea for having me at home was for us to enjoy the absence of Uncle D together? Even though I had decided to find a place to go to, I was only taking that decision at this moment and was squarely reacting to Uncle D’s changed routine.

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“She cannot also be trying to react to it too or was she?” I questioned. Considering how she had said it. I was never going to get to the end of this mystery called Onyinye. Not long after, she appeared with a sachet of detergent which she dropped into the dryer of the machine and disappeared again.

The next time I heard something from her was when I heard her ordering the sales boy; through her bedroom window; to go fetch her pink tissue papers. Why she would ask for a given colour, completely beats me. He complied and must have received money for this from the same window before leaving for the errand.

I had began washing now and was gradually getting my hangers ready for spreading the cloths outside when she walked straight back again. OH MY GOOODNESS!!! HOLY F**K!!!! She was in the skimpiest attire she would ever dare putting on all her life! She had a very little white towel wrapped around her of which I kept wondering how it even managed to take her body through the first wrap! The towel hardly covered her b0s0m that ever looked like they would spill from the upper regions of the towel; and her butt0ckz checks that had all its underneath open to fresh air!!

I had an instant hard on!! This must be her own version of getting set for a bath!

As she walked towards the lobby from her room, she kept struggling to keep the tiny white thing to her body as it continuously looked like it will break loose and fall freely! Her entire legs up to the highest echelons of her thighs came to full view at each step she took. I was in another world!! I had not said a word all along and in fact remained in the same position as I had been when she got out from her room. She could completely see the effect she had on me as my J0yst!ck had since found its way out through one of the openings on my boxer shorts. (In preparation for this very day, I had worn no bum shorts).

to be continued