Bitter Sweetness Episode 11


The night unfolded peacefully. I had been in my bedroom mostly after my last chat with Uncle D. I had been on a very long call with my girlfriend. She had called me after all this while.

“She must have missed me”, I had felt when her number appeared on my phone screen. Unfortunately, I got far worse than I had expected. She was asking for one of her certificates I had once helped her laminate. She was not home at the time so I had to get to her place, fetch the certificate, laminate, duplicate and send as she instructed.

She had applied for a scholarship exam of which she did not scale through for some reasons I could not tell. Now she wanted the certificate back. I had not returned it since then and had it in my bedroom back at home. When she spoke about it, I wanted to sound very indifferent but remembered she had not given it to me herself so needed to hand it back.

I quickly gave her a description of how and where to get it but I could not just end the call at that point. I was already feeling that she had only used the certificate as a bait but I was so so wrong for as I brought up the issue of our breakup, she easily returned back to her many complains of my demanding so much from her. She accused me of being too detailed about things and not easily accepting to forgive one’s wrongdoings.

I was not expecting all those from her again so had to cut in at some point. This was looking like the last conversation we would ever have and I made sure I told her exactly how I felt about her rudely attitude towards me.

Not long after, we ended the call. It was a chapter that had to be closed!

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It was Saturday. The much awaited Saturday. It had looked to be our fantasy day all along but gradually turned bitter as its morning unfolded.

The sales boy was not travelling with Uncle D and neither was he instructed to open shops today. He was going to stay at home and that seriously spelt bad luck!! I could not just tell the reason for the sudden change of plan.

Uncle D always had his shop open on all week days excluding Sundays. He had even asked the sales boy to take charge a couple of times on certain days he had not made it there since my arrival. This very decision only looked weird.

“Was Uncle D suspecting something between myself and Onyinye?” I started asking within me “had she been refusing him s*x?”. What would have warranted the sudden change? Or have I been a bit rusty with him? I could not not just place a finger on anything reasonable. I would have to keep to myself this few days until he got back. I doubted she had not seen the hand writing on the wall either.

Before the morning could basically come alive, Uncle D was off. He needed to be at the bus park by at least seven o’clock if he was to arrive Onitsha before Ten o’clock the same morning.

Onyinye had done the things she ought to do (she was the perfect housewife; I for once never challenged that) and had followed him into the streets. They had no car of their own so he was going to use the bus park.

I had said my goodbyes earlier and was getting my cloths ready for laundry. I had few to wash considering I had not been at work since Wednesday. I also had to be fast about it because Uncle D’s curious decision meant new game plans for me.

I needed to be at work as I had told D I would. Even if that did not mean work as in workplace. No Jupiter could change that now. Not knowing the roles the sales boy would play while at home today, meant I needed not to take chances.