Bitter Sweetness Episode 9


Before I could reach the end of my lengthy thoughts, she was back again . Same cloths and with the same magazine she had all along. What on earth did she go in to do then?

I carefully watched her to locate the wet spot again and without any hesitations, she happily showed it to me. She bent over her couch as to dress it ready for her seating placing her butt directly in front of me.The other guy’s state of consciousness meant I was the only person seeing this; or should I saw enjoying this.

The spot was not too wide but justly represented what I felt it was. I did not have much time to a more detailed look at it, before she sat but I had every belief that she had wetted her gown and possibly p@anties with her juices. I thought I needed to see her p@anties again now. I needed to see how damp they were and I easily saw myself watching and waiting in anticipation.

She might have seen my narrowed gaze because she leaned back and pushed her lower part further off the couch in a successful attempt to offer an inhibited view!! And bang!! I saw her Unclad again. And Unclad I meant! She had gone in to take off her p@anties!! She was now stark Unclad before me! I was inevitably swallowed in lust!! “I doff my hat to a genuine player!” I muttered still lost in the unfolding events.

“you are really dirty and can play this game better. I thought I could fight you, but who am I to resist this one? You are the true player!”. She must have sensed her victory because she brought a smile to her lips and looked straight back into the magazine as I lifted my helpless gaze to her face. I was totally helpless now and beyond handicapped. All I could do was to play along. If she has got a K!ttyC@t, then I have got a J0yst!ck and not just a J0yst!ck but balls as well. I needed to teach her the lesson.

I retained my gaze on her making sure she would not have a reason to maintain eye contact. I needed to serve my own ball now as she had done.

I quickly got hold of my burning J0yst!ck through my short and pulled it to my front. It unmistakably formed one of the most lateral lumps anybody could imagine across the fly of my boxer shorts. Save for my bum shorts underneath, the boxer short would have been in shreds. I was burning and I wanted her to see it. Tooth for Tat.

Done with that, I looked down to reassess it. It appeared as good as I wanted. I made sure the big mushroom head was obvious as it pulsated. I had an 8inche throbbing J0yst!ck to be proud off and it was a good moment to flaunt it.

When I was through, I gradually slid off my seat until my thighs were almost entirely unseated. My J0yst!ck was in its most obvious position and I quickly saw her eyes locate it. She had not seen it yet nor felt it and I could tell the mixture of apt surprise and desire in her eyes. Now it was her turn to serve. I had done a good job and felt even happier when she understood the language.

She quietly placed her right hand on her right thigh and gradually began peeling her gown up her tie. She was going to expose everything to me and right before our visitor!! I did not Bleeping care either! I had now known that she even preferred this game when there are greater chances of being caught. It was her world and I was willing to step into it with her.

She was working the other end of the gown as I was presented with a thoroughly J0yst!ck-bursting view of her nakedness. Her K!ttyC@t looked drenched even from where I sat. I could see how her entire crouch glistened of K!ttyC@t juice. She was my definition of a juicy lady. Endless flow of sticky, musky, sweet K!ttyC@t juices.

Once again, I was eager to place my face in-between her legs to lap it all up. However, for my own version of the serve, considering she just accomplished hers, I placed my hand on my J0yst!ck and gave it a series of jerks through my shorts! This got her purring but was soon followed by increased expectations. She still expected more. Of course I cannot completely undress myself right in front of this stranger. And even if he was not a stranger, what on Noah’s ark will I say I am doing with my balls sprawled before another man’s wife? James’ forbid. I needed an idea. And soon I got one. I gathered myself and my dangling J0yst!ck and made my way into the bedroom. This must have confused or rather angered her as I gave no explanations to her.

However, I had a new plan and she was going to enjoy it. Right then, I undressed. I returned my bum shorts to my laundry paper bag and wore my boxer shorts back on again. My J0yst!ck was free as air and was pointing out from the legs of the shorts even though it had gone a little limp.

I walked to the door of the living room, piped in to ascertain that our guest was still sleeping. Having confirmed that, I brought out my J0yst!ck, began beating it to return it to full erection and this was never hard to achieve. I returned it into my boxer shorts and made sure it stood very horizontally across my front. Then with a particularly slow stroll, and in all my d!cks spanning majesty,

I walked into the living room; walked across Onyinye; made for the window, feigned to be suddenly interested in seeing what was happening outside and then made for my seat all along observing her reaction with the corner of my right eye.

The expectations of her reaction was enough to keep my J0yst!ck so stiff and erect. And she was totally blown away by my display. She had just seen an 8inch boner pulling the threads of my shorts to a single point and she could not just bear it. Without any form of shame, she quickly crossed her legs and began grinding her hips; making round circles with her pelvis, in a bid to counter the obvious s£nsat!on she was receiving. She did it openly before me and something about it made me know she wanted me to see her do it. I was winning this round.

Her serve now! Subsequently, an unexpected stir from our guest brought us back into the present. We had thrown away all manner of decency and the only thing we had not done was taking off our cloths entirely. I knew it might be time we stopped but I was not sure what Onyinye would think.

I was sitting now and obviously fighting to contain my J0yst!ck. I was obviously very much understanding the importance of a bum short. Onyinye still had her legs crossed but I could not tell if she was still grinding away. Our guest was fondling his phone telling us he was now partly awake by that.

“Oga send me message, madam” he muttered in obvious incoherency.

“What did he say?” Onyinye was trying to regain her lost voice.

“En talk say en almost reach house; say make I wait for am”, he was looking at the wall clock now.

“No problem” she concluded. I then just realized that she did not serve the guest any kola. It appeared like she also got what I was thinking because she hissed, got up and walked towards the kitchen, doing her possible best to hide the wet patch which must have now spread further than before!! And luckily enough she did hide it. I had to go dress up appropriately again too. The game was over, at least for today.

I got up, less concerned about the very state of my J0yst!ck knowing quite well that it was just only a fellow guy that would get to see it; adjusted the band of my shorts and walked away. Onyinye had just begun a new story with me, and she was going to see it to the end!!

To be continued