Bitter Sweetness Episode 8


We heard a knock, and I made for the door on her request. It was the initial guy. I could tell from his voice. He pooped-in his head to say some things to Onyinye after which he handed me a black polyethylene bag which I easily told was some money.

In a few seconds, he was off again. I handed the bag to her after closing the door. But then a flicker of new screens on TV caught my attention which made me stand and stare for a while. I kept looking until I found the seat and sat. It was a documentary on polar bears. I found it interesting as the narrator discussed their eating habits.

However, before I could fully get into the narration, I realized I was on the wrong seat. In fact my wrong seat; as it was perfectly Onyinye’s right seat! She was now sitting directly opposite me again after several days and when I looked up to check her out, she was counting the money in her hands. She gave no inkling that she was aware of my seeming peril. I thought of standing and returning to my former position but that was going to show model weakness, so I chose to stick to fate.

Another tap on the door and the guy was back. I could not get what was going on anymore.

”Oga say make I wait for am”, was his explanation while standing on the door I had opened.

“It is okay. You can have a seat” replied Onyinye politely. He undid his sandals and walked in. I felt some relief instantly!! At least, she would not dare those silly things while he was here.

As I turned to return to sitting, I met him sitting directly opposite the TV. Well,….that closed a chapter too. I would also have to remain opposite Onyinye unless I would share her couch with her and that was just out of the question.

I tried concentrating again on the documentary but inexplicably could not. After several attempts, I relaxed and tried listening to the small talk Onyinye had been making with the guy. Just then, she laughed, and by reflex, I was induced to look at her.

She was now seating and I need not say that her legs were back to their best positions! Fatally parted. I knew she must have been reassured by the fact that the guy who just walked in could not possibly see them from his angle. Of course he should tell her legs were not crossed but would never want to think that the person opposite her could see her stark as it appears.

I was fighting a lost battle. What should be the most appropriate reaction? Sitting still and not looking or leaving the room entirely? Doing the later will only help the guy form more conclusive opinions. I had to remain there but not look. I assumed that never meant I would not cast a glance or two but must not keep my eyes fixed! I felt that will also send her the required message of disinterest.

After several moments, no one seemed to want to talk anymore. I was still glancing into the TV screen even though I was not following what was been televised. The guy had slept off on his couch and even Onyinye had to get busy with a booklet I suspected was a Runway magazine. “Something to keep her mind busy and away from s£duct!on”, I thought.

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However, not long after, I decided to take another quick glance at her, and for the first time since I began staying with them, she did sharply retrieve her gaze and looked away, as our eyes met. She was staring at me all along. And yes, her legs were obviously more parted. I grinned in my head. She must be feeling defeated now. She was not getting the kind of attention she expected and must be feeling inadequate. But I was determined to drive on. I was not going to give her the hand.

I returned my gaze to the TV and made every effort to keep my mind totally blank of her and her deeds. In what looked like a couple more seconds, I sensed her stir so was enthused to look her way. She was making it up. She was leaving the living room. I could not believe it.

“Was she tired of trying?” I began in my thoughts. “Would this be the end to all this?”. I trailed her movement as she got out of the couch, turned and began making it to the inner rooms but just then, my eyes met what I probably should not have seen.

There was a fading patch of wetness just behind her gown and right on the area in between her legs. She had been releasing her juices. Oh city of Jericho!! What in the world brought me into this?!! How could it be possible? That cannot just be! She couldn’t possibly be that wet when no one was touching her! Not at all!! She must have been sweating! That has to be the explanation to this.

But I needed to see her again to know how horribly hot she had been while still in here. Although I quietly began seeking to see if I had been feeling hot myself of which the answer was a fat no! The air conditioner was on meaning it was totally out of the question.

Equally, the guy who had joined us moments ago, was still sleeping and not a drop of perspiration could be seen on his face. Onyinye’s juices had been flowing freely. That was the undeniable truth and I was more than aroused now and felt ever eager to see her more.

To be continued