Bitter Sweetness Episode 10


Exactly! She had to finish it. This was the point of no return! I knew it was either I F***ed her or we got caught recklessly displaying our nakedness to each other. Although I knew I was the one who still owed her, I also was aware that the only reason she has not seen my boner was because she has not placed any specific requests as to that. However, I was now more lenient and was even more ready to show her the stick in all its glory.

After the incident of that particular afternoon, I had failed to get a proper reaction from her as a result of Uncle D’s return. He had got in soon after and Onyinye; with changed cloths, received him and got along with her expected roles. I had changed too; returning for the bum shorts I had earlier removed. I had also given myself some relief by using the toilet; for the other reason. (You sure do know the reason).

After he had met with the guest who has been waiting, he let him have some money for his little errand and he was off. Uncle D was at the dining table eating when I returned from the bedroom.

“Dan”, he started as I made for a seat, “how will your schedule for the weekend be?”.

“You mean me sir?” I replied, quite surprised by the question.

“Yea. Will you be doing anything with your office?” he probed further. I did not get what was going on so by way of personal observation, I quickly located Onyinye with my eyes. She was seated at her usual position and the furniture that had the TV, did well to hide her face from her husband. She was also doing something. She was nodding her head insistently!

“That must be her preferred answer” I guessed at once.

“Yes sir.” I quickly linked up at once “my boss who travelled today, said he will be back on Friday and would want us to make it to the office for some briefing”.

How I suddenly made myself a full staff with my office, was something I could not tell at the moment but I was sure D had bought that. I had lied to him and Onyinye; the only ‘bad’ mother I had ever known; made me do it.

“That is okay then. I wanted you to make the trip with me. I will be travelling on Saturday and will be back on Monday evening or Tuesday morning” explained a disappointed Uncle D.

I now knew what all this was about. Uncle D had enquired from Onyinye if I was going to spend my coming weekend at home, of which she must have asked him to ask me. And being the smart lady she was, she chose her current position so that she could have the edge in influencing my decision. She wanted me to stay home and James Bond knew the reason! And D definitely could not have seen her getting me to accept that. As for me, I was sure I dreamt of another time with her and coupled with the fact that she was going to be alone with me but I completely doubted that I would have ever remembered to consider that while giving an answer to Uncle D.

She had plotted her map well and I just had to look forward to a very swell time with her in the absence of a feared husband! Her eyes had returned to that same book she had read countless times all day; she was smart; very very smart.

To be continued