Beyond My Heart: Episode 7


I started remembering those bastards faces as I sat on the stinky flies filled dump site.I could recall 2 of their faces. The one who offered me the drink and the one who asked for my name.I tried several times to stand on my feet but was to no avail.The pains wouldn’t permit me to stand,I had to drag myself to the road side for help.

I sat near to the road while several cars passes but none could stop till about half an hour when a posh range rover park beside me.Young lady what happened to u?why are u soaked in blood.At that moment I was bleeding soo badly that I pass out.I lost consciousness when the woman tried pulling me up.

I woke up to see two ladies dressed in white.i thought i was in heaven, Ohhh you are awake!one asked.Looking at the files they were holding, i could see I was at the hospital.Nurse where is the woman who brought me here?.I asked as they check my temperature. Well she is out to get u new dresses since the one u were wearing got spoil with blood.

She ended pulling the thermometer from my armpit.So tell us what actually happened to u,the other nurse asked .Chaa see this nurse too she want make I get nightmare,I murmured to myself.I never wanted to remember the ordeal ever again.I m sorry nurse but I don’t want to talk about it.I replied.

The woman who had rescued me entered with a bag .Thank God u are awake ,so how are u feeling? She asked handling the bag to me.Take this bought u new clothes.The doctors said u will be discharged tomorrow.I turned my face down as she speak. Aren’t u happy u are going to be discharge? She asked with surprise.

I narrated my whole story to her and out of pity she asked me to come stay with her.she introduced herself as Mama Georgina .Tomorrow came and the doctor discharged me ,I was grateful to God I hadn’t contracted AIDS or any diseases.I followed her to her huge house although comparing it to my parent house it was more classy.

I could hear lot of voice from inside as we entered.There were plenty of girls of all type chorusing mama gee.I guess that is her nick name for mama Georgina.I could hear them chanting all over.Mama Gee in the house.

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