Bother Not!!!!


  Life is not rosy they say but for others it is. Some were born Rich and others, Poor but that isn’t relevant because Life is how you make it.
   While u are grumbling and complaining to God that your life isn’t good or how you don’t have the material things other have, you forget that you have something no amount of money can buy and dat is, THE GIFT OF LIFE.

When There Is Life There is Hope
  Why do you bother so much about not having wealth and as many cars as others??, why do you even bother when you have life which is an expensive thing even the wealthiest of men can’t buy??.
  There Is nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it. Pray earnestly and be steadfast in the lord and make sure you have a laid out goal and work towards it. Nothing, they say comes easy and I’m sure that with Prayers, hardwork,Determination and Perseverance you’ll achieve and soar into greater heights.

Be Thankful
  You might ask yourself sometimes if God really exist?? or If he really cares but why have you forgotten that if he doesn’t exist or care you wouldn’t be alive and be healthy. Everyday you wake up others have been involved in accidents, others too died and some also don’t even have some luxuries you have such as shelter,food and the basic things of life so don’t grumble and complain.
Be Thankful.